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Spike and Fluttershy · 3:29pm Aug 2nd, 2016

And here we have another piece of art done up by xXAngeLuciferXx This time featuring Spike and a growing Bold Fluttershy.

Comments ( 23 )

Both hot and hilarious!

4127915 And there are alternates on the pixiv.

Which I don't have an account for and thus can't access.

Very G-Taste of Fluttershy. Wonder what RD will have in store for Spike.

4128851 There's already one with RD, and AJ. Pinkie's the only one remaining.

Also, in regards to the pic....Bunnyshy? SHA-WING!

4128899 Well there's also Sunset Shimmer, then his honorary harem members Lyra, Bonbon, Vinyl once I write a chapter in for her, and Rara. And Possibly Ember

4128899 Woops. My mistake. As for Pinkie, I'm guessing just an apron.

4128924 Oh, yeah. heh, forgot about them.

4128947 Again, sha-WING.

4128924 I'm guessing once Tirek is done with, the next story arc will have to be about Spike fighting for lordship over all dragons, which no doubt will put him at odds with Ember, since she will no doubt try to take lordship over the dragons herself rather than become one of Spike's conquests, to put it mildly.

4128974 Actually he'll be meeting with Ember and Torch during the Tirek saga

4128975 Oh, okay. Will Spike and Ember start out as rivals, though?

4128979 Yes, but when the Gauntlet of Fire kicks off they start bonding as they work together to claim the scepter.

4128984 Ember will probably try to become top girl (or top dragon) with Spike since she won't settle for just being a part of the harem.

4128998 Yeah she'll request her father that Spike be her husband when she's dragon Lord.

4129016 Which will put her at odds with Twilight, I think.

4129022 Yeah though she knows Twilight claimed him before, she'll still insist he becomes her husband when the time is right.

4128975 speaking of the tirek saga, are u gonna end the story after that, continue it, or make a sequel?

4130096 Not sure yet. I mean Tirek and the others were the big bad group so unless there's other villains in MLP in the new season that could make for newer potential big bad villains or I wrap my head around any fan made villains of my own. Hard to tell. Only time will tell

4130129 true true but there are the G1 villains as well such as: lavan, arabus, crunch, hydia and her two daughters, queen bumble, somnambula, and squirk. Also why not add the serpentine as well? u puted them in your warriors of light and dark stories and i dont think it`ll hurt to add them here as well. There backstory would be that they were the arch enemies of the dragons until bahamut sealed them. U can also have spike and the others take on an evil organization similer to hydra as well. Also how bout adding gwyneira and the wendigos from your the ice pony and dragon story(u could add her to the harem:twilightsmile:). And lets not forget about starlight and the dazzlings my friend. Well hopefully thes could give u some ideas.

4130179 Well the Dazzlings will be featured in this as well. And I admit I did enjoy using the Serpentine in my one series, despite not getting too much feedback from it. But yeah I'll continue looking into more possibilities to keep it going as much as I can.

4130187 Will the Dazzlings fall for Spike?

4130847 Well they will be sent to hypnotize him like a siren do, but eventually will start falling for him for real.

4130187 Just saw the latest death battle and how about have spike and the girls take on a villain similer to the meta from red vs blue?

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