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Polishing The Teal Changeling · 6:44pm Jun 25th, 2016

Going back over all the chapters of the story to work out some issues that have grown over my own carelessness.
Gonna rub out any plot holes or contradictions. Look over dialogue. Add a scene or two (maybe). And apply any formatting changes I've picked up over the months of working on this little tale.

When I'm finished, I'll post another blog about the changes made, including pointing out the blunders.

My fav. Chryssie pic.

If you have any suggestions or details that felt off to you, now's a perfect time to shove them in my face. :twilightblush:

Report MrAlterad · 303 views · Story: The Teal Changeling · #Trio-verse
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Comments ( 4 )

Oooooh, nice idea to post a list of changes. While your story is awesome, I dunno if I'd have the time to read it whole again right now.

... Instant mental image from the title is you polishing an increasingly annoyed young Chryssie with some kind of cloth.


polishing an increasingly annoyed young Chryssie

Much like a cat, the trick is right behind the ears, and don't rub opposite the fur's direction.

Also like a cat, don't be surprised if your little Chyssie bites your hand in annoyance. (if she purrs, she'll be quick to assure that you're only hearing things) :rainbowkiss:

I mentioned my concerns about Dubs a while back, but you worked that in to show us more perspective on him.

The only real issue I would suggest working on in a rewrite is the idea that Mantis the great general is planning to kill one of two possible queens right before he leads the other queen into battle. I know that's an important plot point, I would just suggest some kind of conversation where Sledge or someone questions him on this, and he explains how he is 100% certain Queen Amber cannot possibly be put in danger, or Mantis somehow has a secret royal egg hidden away, or just Mantis ranting about how if Amber died off Mantis would rather see the changlings go extinct before he'd see them led by Chrysalis. There are lots of different ways his risky choice could be explained, it would just be nice to get some perspecitve on them.

4049881 That's a pretty good suggestion!
I was going to have Mantis spill the proverbial beans in a few chapters, but I think the story's gone on far too long without his underlining confidence being presented to the reader.

I have a scene in mind to address this, taking place sometime between chapters 10-17. Something to look forward to. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for bringing it up. :pinkiehappy:

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