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We are the Bronies. Lower your expectations and surrender your incredulity. We shall add your fandoms and characters to our own. Your culture will adapt to enjoy ponies. Friendship is Magic.

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Three Little Visitors · 12:54am Feb 26th, 2016

Now that I have your attention :trollestia:

To be serious for a second though, many of you who read Three Little Visitors will remember that I said I'd be doing a small sequel to it. Well, I've got something in the works that may or not be the end of it, considering it won't answer every last question some of my readers had, but I think will at least bottle up one or two niggling little ends not tied up in the epilogue.

The question I have for you guys is: When I release it, should I add it to the main story, or should I create a whole new story as a stand-alone sequel?
It's really at all of your convenience to be honest. I'm happy to do either, but to be fair it would be less hassle for me to just add it to the end of the existing story.

To all you people who didn't read Three Little Visitors, move along. Nothing to see here. :moustache:

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I'd say add it to the original if it is easier for you.

Add it to the original. That's my opinion.

If the sequel is more than 1 chapter long, add it to the main story, if not then just make it a separate story and ad a link to the first one.

Personally, I don't mind either way but the question becomes is it a stand-alone sequel?
If your epilogue is several chapters long and has its own adventure then I suppose it merits its own story... Since I doubt that to be the case, I'd add it to the existing story.
I look forward to it either way and will always have questions because I'm in love with your universe. :pinkiecrazy:

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