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We are the Bronies. Lower your expectations and surrender your incredulity. We shall add your fandoms and characters to our own. Your culture will adapt to enjoy ponies. Friendship is Magic.

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What you want from me - please read · 4:27pm Jul 2nd, 2017

Hello everyone, I just want to say that the next chapter of RoR will be up tomorrow. The weekend has been really busy with my niece's birthday (3 day long birthday. Think about that for a second.)

What I really want to ask though is what do you guys want from me? I'm back, as you know, and I've been thinking about expanding my role here and elsewhere to give you guys more. Here's a list of things I've been thinking about doing.

Commissions: Simple enough, right? Someone throws money in my direction, and I bow low and do thy bidding. In terms of story writing. The terms of each commission can be hashed out individually, but I'm more-or-less open to writing anything pony-related (since this is fimfiction. Other topics can be suggested too through private means or different websites.). I have no reservations about writing about pairings, or doing NSFW stuff. Mostly whatever you want :pinkiesmile:
The only limit I'll put on it is overly long stories. I have trouble maintaining interest in long stories not of my own design. I mean like stories around 10 chapters long or more. Again, this is something that can be discussed and hammered out in discussion though.

Trades: I'm open to trades, again as long as they aren't long, and as long as I like the idea. I want to challenge myself to expand my story scope a little. I do NOT take requests. As much as I enjoy writing, it takes up a great deal of time and mental energies. With a job, my niece to babysit 5 days a week, and my mother who needs help a lot, I barely have time to do the work I already do.

Twitter: I don't know if this is something anyone would be interested in, but I've been considering biting the bullet and creating a twitter. I'm a fairly argumentative, opinionated asshole to those who know me in real life, and I wonder if people wouldn't like to see me put these opinions on the internet to disagree with, lambast, agree with, or otherwise laugh at. I know I personally get a kick out of seeing people rant and rave on the internet.

Patreon: I've been thinking of making a patreon. As I've said, almost all of my free time goes towards my writing, reading, and drawing, and as much as I enjoy them all, they take up time and effort on my part. I have no plans to make any of my work private to potential patrons right now, but I'd very much appreciate it if anyone enjoying my work would be willing to reward me with money to pay my bills. And maybe occasionally spoil my niece rotten and make my sister's life a living hell. :pinkiecrazy:
But mostly bills. I'm not in financial distress or anything, but they worry me, you know?
Again, I have no idea right now of privatising my work. All my stories are still available here for free. But if anyone were so considerate as to think I deserve some reward for providing them with the particular entertainment I supply, I'd very much appreciate it.

So, ideas? Suggestions? Opinions? Anyone have anything else they think I should do? Should I implement these ideas?

Also, what preferences does everyone have for new stories? I'm going to write stuff anyway, but I'm not against taking my readers ideas into account.

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will come up with ideas pretty soon

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