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    (Before I begin this short rant, allow to state that I unconditionally love my family and in no way wish them harm or premature death, however many times I might say that I want to murder them in their sleep with piano wire.

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No update this week · 11:39pm Aug 4th, 2017

No update for Sirens at the Gate this week. Allow me to rant why

(Before I begin this short rant, allow to state that I unconditionally love my family and in no way wish them harm or premature death, however many times I might say that I want to murder them in their sleep with piano wire.
Let me also say that I pull my weight around the house. I go to work for 9 hours of the day, and I spend about 5 of the other 8 of my waking time looking after my niece. If I have a "day off", that's just an excuse to do more work around the house as all adults know.)

So my wretched family decided months ago that we're going to have a sale to make space in the house. So for the past week we've been tediously going through everything trying to find things to get rid of.
I have several projects of my own of course, like my various writings, a comic I'm doing featuring Parchment Script, and designing a rank insignia plaque for my ISB Star Wars imperial officer uniform. But oh no, if I want to do any of this in what others claim is my free time (news to me), then I'm being selfish, I'm not pulling my weight, I need to just suck it up with a good grace and come help decide what the price of things is going to be, I have to help move junk from one side of the room to the other whilst we try to figure out what pile of crap it's going in, I have to cheer up and look happy as the energy is leeched out of me, and the hour or two of free time a day I might have to do anything on my own, has to be taken up with standing there while everyone argues and moans and bitches about crap that doesn't matter.
But if I don't look chipper and energetic, then I'm just being selfish. Nary a word out of my mouth, but oh it's clear from my face I don't want to be there.
Well no shit! I think it's a waste of time! I want to actually put out content at a regular pace, but I'm constantly stymied by endless demands of help (which most times I'm happy to do, but there's only so much you can do whilst looking after a two year old, and then I have to go to work exhausted because I've been shopping, cleaning, cooking, and wiping up my nieces messes.)

I just had to unload this somewhere. Like I say, if one word of dissent escapes my lips, then I'm just the worst scum on earth bringing everyone else down. No one wants to be around someone who looks unhappy, so I just need to stop being such a grumpy arse hole.

And I wouldn't mind, but a certain member of the judgment council passing down this condemnation is a hobbyist designer and craftsperson, endlessly going on about how they don't have time to get to their projects.
So you'd think there'd be some sympathy, since they get that 9 hours I'm at work to do that. 9 hours to get whatever jobs around the house done, and then sit down to solitude and silence to make handbags, or dolls, or any other thing they make.

But nope. Me, I'm just playing about on my computer. It's not work, it's just fun and games. No thought goes into it, no effort, just lazing around on my arse wiling the day away apparently. I get plenty of free time, looking after my niece is nothing but fun! That should count as free time because I enjoy playing with my niece. And I do, but it's exhausting, and then telling me I should have to do extra work in the short space of time between her parents picking her up and then going to work for 9 hours.

If you can't tell, I'm super pissed off right now.

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Vent away, can relate.

I've got some piano wire if you want it.

we all can relate

Thanks for the sympathy, but in a small way that's frankly depressing. That so many people have to deal with such tedious nonsense.

we all do. some people can handle it, some can't. all we can do is comfort them and give support

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