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What are you hoping happens in the Gravity Falls series finale? · 10:57pm Feb 15th, 2016

As I write this, it's just over an hour until the end of one of the greatest animated series of all time.

As we wait for the epic conclusion, here's a little list of things I hope to see happen in the one-hour finale.

First and foremost, I hope Dipper and Mabel both decide to stay in Gravity Falls. It's become their home. Gravity Falls won't be the same town without them.

I also hope that Dipper takes a good long look at how Stan and Ford turned out, and realizes that no matter what, he needs to let his bond with Mabel come before everything else. Twins shouldn't fight. Twins shouldn't separate. Twins should be forever.

I hope Ford (assuming he's brought back to life) lets Stan keep the Mystery Shack instead of kicking him out and forcing him to close the business.

I absolutely hope Dipper and Pacifica get together.

I hope we don't get a cheesy reconciliation between Stan and Ford, but I do at least hope Ford finally accepts that Stan never meant to hurt him. There's too much bad blood there for a complete reconciliation, but at least they can make a step in the right direction.

Share your hopes, dreams, and miscellaneous wanks here! I'll be blogging my thoughts on the finale after 8pm Eastern.

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I hope that Dipper and Mabel continue to be as close as they are now for the rest of their lives. And even if they leave Gravity Falls, I hope they return every summer and continue to have more adventures.

I can't really say about Stan and Ford because it's been hinted that one of the Pines will die. But if they live, the best thing for Stan is to keep the shack and maybe run for mayor again when the "Git 'em" guy's term comes to an end.

With Ford, I think he will continue to find more strange activity outside of Gravity Falls and develop his own secret organization.

The ending doesn't really have to be 'Happy' because we know what this show is capable of, but I hope we come out of it feeling satisfied.

I want a happy end, but lets be real. I think that Stanley will die and that Stanford will have to live with that for the rest of his life.

I agree with this. I also wanna see, if Summer Dancer's idea of Ford creating some anti-paranomal squad, ala Ghostbusters, comes to fruition, maybe Dipper and Mabel lend a hand or two. Also, I wanna see Bill suffer some form of ironic death/imprisonment

For the series finale, we find out it was all a dream had by Pam Ewing, which is revealed when she walks into her bathroom and finds Bobby taking a shower :rainbowlaugh:.

3757098 "Family Guy" already did that.

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