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Blog Post of Anticipation · 5:16pm Jan 23rd, 2016

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Looks cool, but I could really use more details, my good Fan. Is it a crossover?

Well, if you want to take all of the fun out of it... Last Friendship is Card Games until Season 6.


I can't add the image I wanna add, so, in the recent words of a famous panda: "I think I just peed a little :raritystarry:"

Richard Garfield's fabled 6th mana type that was expected to appear in Ravnica?! :)

I've been waiting for this for a while. Season 3 gets a lot of flack, and this episode gets a lot of flack among season finales, but I loved it and would honestly place it above every other finale to date :yay: can't wait to see what you got.

3707346 Aww, thought it was a new M:tG themed fanfic from you :( Oh, well, can't wait until tomorrow either way!

An MLP crossover...
with Magic the Addiction?!
I like you and all, but what's happened to you to torture us with a crossover based on a card game whose fanbase is composed of nothing but stoic, rules-lawyer asshats?

If my being a fan of Magic: the Gathering is news to you, well...


I haven't been subtle about it. Go digging through my older stories or about a third of my blog posts. And be careful when you paint with that wide brush; you might hurt someone.

So.....another look at the series.

And here I thought for a moment you were gonna announce a story about Twilight Planeswalking and discovering new insights into the nature of magic.

*Eye twitches at the alignment of the mana symbols being off by one turn clock-wise. Is unable to focus on anything else.*

Sorry, I try to keep my pony planeswalkers consistent, and that means limiting myself to Animation Error and Party Horse. Though if anyone could reinvent the interplanar airship... :trixieshiftright:

Speven, you may have just given me a wonderful idea.

I scaled the mana symbols to be the same height as the secondary stars, and it didn't feel right to make the skull of ambition and decay the second-largest portion of Twilight's cutie mark. Besides, tilt your head to the right a little and it works fine.

I hope Animation Error gets shanghai'd into being a crew member.

I anticipate drawing one card and putting two more on the bottom of my library.

So you view yourself as a non-asshat, non-rules lawyer player? What an extremely rare specimen!

I've only ever met one other such player, and he was the one that introduced me to the game in the first place. But after building a white deck composed of Serra Angels and various Circles of Protection, nobody wanted to play with me, and they badmouthed me for playing a deck that could not be destroyed.

Things went downhill from there.

I'm sorry I vented my years of frustration and anger on you. Continue to enjoy your game with gusto!

Feh. Shame on them for not packing Disenchant, Terror, and Gloom. Apology accepted, and I'm sorry that your experiences with the game were subpar.

3709629 I was mostly facing blue and red decks, and those cards hadn't caught on yet. :pinkiehappy:

3708209 Twilight Sparkle and company on interplanar adventures. Excellent, yes. I dunno how Urza protected the Weatherlight from the Blind Eternities, but I picture two ways Twilight might manage the trick. One, the ship is effectively an extremely small and mobile Plane, mimicking Ungula's physical and magical laws; inside a Plane, it's functionally equivalent to a Planar overlay of Ungula that conforms exactly to the volume occupied by the ship's physical structure. Two, she could clad the ship with the hides of slain Eldrazi; with this method, the interior of the ship would probably follow the laws of its last stop while between Planes.

Didn't you borrow that second one from ReBoot? :duck: Just replace Eldrazi with Net creatures.

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