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I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.

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Nothing · 11:00pm Jan 22nd, 2016

I have nothing. No inspiration, no ideas, no updates. I have been meaning to finish Pegasus Feathers for a while now, and every time I think about it, I put it off until the last minute and then I get too tired to do it. If you have been on my page, not at all stalking (heh), you might've noticed my module that shows which stories are in the making. Hence the name of the module, "In The Making". I have added new stories there. Please don't steal those ideas. I beg you. They're the only inspiration I have.

This isn't just a rant. Please read below. I need your help with this, guys.

How many of you would actually care to read those stories on my "In The Making" section? As said in this blog, I need help with The Night Shift. I am looking for editors/proofreaders (either one is fine) for each of those. But as mentioned before: do you guys actually read my stories? Not as in you read one of mine and gave me a follow, but as in, you've read more than one of mine. Please be honest. I want to know that I have more than the same people reading every time. I'm not the best author, it's pretty obvious. But I want to do what I can for those that matter most: those people are you.

I publish my stories for you to read, not for my enjoyment. Heck, I could write offline and keep them to myself if I wanted to. Similar to a YouTube video I posted to my subscribers, I want your input. Would I be wasting my time writing these stories? How would I improve? Is there a specific genre I am just not very good at writing, or vice versa?

Please give me constructive criticism. All comments regarding suggestions and constructive criticism will definitely be appreciated. But just because you post a comment won't guarantee it to happen. For instance, if you want me to start writing more adventure stories revolving around OCs (such as The Terror of Nightmare Night) but I still have little to no inspiration, it might happen a lot later than you hoped... I try to not just throw things away. But if something goes directly against what I write (such as heavy, sexual mature fiction) then I will not. Sorry guys, no NSFW allowed.

So give me something. Do you read my work? I'm not asking you to read all of it, because who wants to do that? If you do read my story(ies), please say which one(s). You don't have to name them all (if more than one) if you don't want to. I'm not looking for attention, but rather an idea on what I should post that you guys will actually look at. Are there any sequels you want? For my story Pinkie Pie Tries To Get Twilight Sparkle To Eat A Quesadilla, many people wanted a sequel. Yes, I am working on it. But as I said before, I have nothing.

Please give me your honest suggestions, constructive criticism, and ideas below. It'd really help me out. Thank you.

Report Vanilla Mocha · 283 views · #Input please
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Comments ( 35 )

I'll help with The Night Shift. :twilightsmile:

3705709 Thank you ^^ Have any ideas, or want to be an editor/proofreader?

I can help;...
Edit: Just noticed we have the same amount of followers

3705710 Proofreader will be fine. :twilightsmile:

3705710 just saying this person seems to be open to edit http://www.fimfiction.net/user/TheShippingJR so ask them and im sure they will help

3705711 Thanks! What would you like to do?

Cool ^^

If i can help let me know...

3705718 I'm currently working on a story myself. It's called My little Lego Universe.

3705727 I know, you told me ^^

3705725 oh and if you want as easy one-shot idea look at this blog post...Blog LInk heck id help you write the thing.:twilightsmile:

3705736 I'll consider it, thank you. ^^

I read your stories :3

I haven't read nearly all of your stories, just three. The most recent being Fulfilment. To be honest, I understand the whole not having ideas or motivation to write: it's been something that I've been struggling with for a while, since I want to write more stories with the Dazzlings, but can't think of anything good.

Honestly, if I follow someone, it means I'm interested in stuff outside of what they write. Heck, I probably read more blog posts from those who I follow than stories. I might be able to help in the future with some editing or pre-reading if you'd like, but right now exams will say otherwise.

Hopefully you get some motivation soon! :twilightsmile:

Rush and Pony on!

If you want motivation, it feels right to try and give yourself a pep talk to find the will. Instead I learned that asking reflective questions will help to prioritize your time and skills so that your mind focuses on finding a solution rather than finding the will to be productive. You have a wonderful and creative mind. So, whatever you focus on, I am looking forward to it!

3706443 Alright, thank you for the advice ^-^

I went back and looked at your stories, thinking "sure, I've read most of these"... but it turns out a lot of them were on my Read Later list. :facehoof:

As others have pointed out, though, there can be multiple reasons to follow someone. You were my first follower; what was I supposed to do? :twilightsheepish: But I think "Fulfillment" really attests to your talent. It seems under-appreciated in terms of views and likes, but it's poignant and serious without sliding into melodrama.

If you need some more detailed feedback to help you continue developing your skills, I would be happy to pre-read a story or two. As an editor, I have a merciless eye for typos, and I'm not afraid to say when a line reads clunky or could be clearer.

3706935 It's ok.

Thanks for the input. ^^

Alright! If you want to preread a story on my In The Making section, let me know. So far The Night Shift is the only one taken.

This is normal. Many of us have art block from time to time, and even if we try to rewrite, sometimes the only thing we need is relax, after all not everyone can do the same thing over and over. I suggest you to take a rest from writing, so when you come back you'll be motivated again.

Wish you luck, and don't worry, we'll be waiting for you patiently.

3706940 Heck yeah I do. :rainbowdetermined2:

I'll flip the question around on you, though; which one do you have the most passion to see finished? Or, which one is giving you the hardest time?

That's the one I want.

3707560 I really want to work through The Night Shift. I'm scared that people won't like it because it's an OC story, but I really want to do it. ^-^ This... Is actually helping me a lot. Thanks :D

Here's some inspirational music ^^

This always helps me with ideas, sometimes I even play through my head, on a loop! :rainbowlaugh:

3708469 XD true, true. And thanks

3707719 There's always a chance that something won't be appreciated as much as you might hope. I have one story I spent months on that didn't flop exactly, but whose reception didn't match the intensity of my need to write it. The realization that it still had deep flaws after all that work didn't help much, either.

But the funny thing is that my two most-viewed/upvoted stories came right after that, and were written much more quickly, too. It's like I had to go through the process of clearing that jam in order to refresh myself and be my best.

I hope that helps. And if you want me to look at Night Shift, just send me a link when you're ready.

3710699 That does help. Thank you. ^-^ It's good to know that I can relate to people. And though I already have a proofreader for it, I can still send it to you if you just want an early read. :) Or you can wait, it's up to you.

3710707 I am a firm believer in monogamy when it comes to love and relationships, and an equally firm believer in polygamy when it comes to editing a story. :trollestia:

No, seriously, it's your call, but sometimes multiple perspectives can be valuable.

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