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Where Does the Time Go · 1:26am Dec 8th, 2015

Jesus, I haven't blogged since August? I mean, I know nobody is missing me or anything, but damn. This year has gone by far too fast for my liking...

So last time I mentioned work on The Album 2. I messaged everyone at the time, got a decent enough number of responses...and then largely nothing since. So I'm scrapping that. That's it, I'm done with it. For those of you who did get me something, I appreciate it greatly, but go release it on your own time. If you want to make a mention of the original Album as, say, inspiration for the premise, that'd be appreciated, but absolutely not necessary.

I have literally never done this before--put stuff off, on the shelf for later, sure, all the damn time, but never have I decided to just call something. Even then, I'm only going to call this attempt, I suppose. The project was hamstrung early on, since that was when GDocs was weird for me. I couldn't use the chat at the time, and I think part of what kept the first Album going so well was meeting so many new people, talking about the project, making friends... Without that energy, people didn't quite get connected like what happened the first time. This is understandable, though still unfortunate.

That being said, there was still interest, even if nothing came of it. So I won't say the idea is gone, even if this attempt to make it a reality is. Look for it at a better time, when it'll be the only thing I'll focus on for, oh, call it a month. That might be good. Might just spend one month working on this and this alone sometime early next year. I'll keep in constant communication, chat will be working, might make a Skype group for it... Whole shebang. I'll be tight on wanting people's responses quickly; my softness is definitely something I'll have to put aside. So that's all for that. Again, I'm sorry, I read some neat entries, but there just wasn't the turn out like there was for the first.

But you know what else I'm also kind of thinking of calling? The Discordian Games. And that... God, that hurts. But this has gone on for far too long. And I'm just sick of it sitting on my shoulders. Maybe I was too ambitious with this project. But damn it, I loved the idea. And some of the fights I got were so damn good--plus Ayemel's kickass art for it, and even more importantly the fact that I made some new friends out of it! But I'm certainly not wanting to... I just want it fucking done. If you read this and owe me a fight, please can you get it to me?

And y'know, just to have it done, if I don't start getting fights, I have a proposition (and I might do another blog on this and this alone in a week or so) for anyone who liked the idea but didn't get to participate. Even if I call the general nature of the project, I'm going to see the damn thing finished. I owe the work put into it that much. So, the proposition: If the current writers can't seem to finish and get me their pieces, I'm open for other writers to step in and finish it for them. You'll have to use their character, of course, but your interpretation is perfectly fine, within some reason of what has already been established. So if you're interested in that, let me know. I'm going to give the various authors a little more time, but this project needs to be over.

In better news, writing from me is coming, sooner or later. My buddy Merc and I are putting some good work down on a different sort of story. We're trying to get to a certain point in the story that'll sort of free us up to kind of do whatever. Once we do that, we'll start posting. I hope you all like it, but we'll see. I'll just enjoy having more stuff out there.

On my own front, I'm determined to get a story done that I first started planning my very first year here. It's tied to the season, and I'm doing something rather unique with it, so while I'm working on it fine, it's slow going. Attempting to emulate another--very classic--author's style. And I think I'm doing a decent job of it. So I hope to have that ready for release either Christmas Eve, Christmas day (might not be the best idea), or at least by the end of the month if all else fails. This one I'm particularly proud of, so I hope I can finish it this year. (If not, I guess it'll sit, ready for the next, heh).

So, all in all, I'm still around, still writing. Work's been making me more tired as of late, but that's just an excuse. I love the craft and I just need to fucking do it and get myself out of this hellhole I have to call a home...but meh.

One last thing. After Christmas, I'm going to be attempting a few other things that I've dipped my toes in before, but going to try a bit more seriously. Well...I was always serious, just not successful. I have no idea if I'm creative/entertaining enough for it, but damn if I don't want to try. I won't lie, I would love it if this worked out, because then it'd be something I could justify a Patreon for. And some extra income would be incredibly helpful in getting myself to a better place where I could get writing done like the old days when I first showed up here. Or such is the impossible hope.

Anyways, thanks all, and remember: if you're interested in helping me wrap up the Games, let me know. I'm not certain I'll need you--I still have faith in my writers, after all--but I would appreciate knowing there's someone who can help. As for my writers, if you see this... Please, I would love to see something from you.

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Sorry you had to resort to putting off your projects even further. But DITR still cemented you as a solid writer in my book. :)

Speaking of putting off, I hope your collab work with Merc and Jake on the Heistverse wasn't one of them. I know Jake was to take the third story but every one of you guys always had a hand in them.

Anyhoo, stay strong, Peregrine. :>


Thanks for that, on DitR. Certainly I'm proud of it... I just wish I had more of my own things out here to (maybe) get that kind of praise as well, heh. Well, I'm trying. As for the rest...

What with JJ being five hours ahead of myself and six ahead of Merc, scheduling has just been awful for far too long. It's especially troublesome because I work weekends. But it's always in the back of our minds, worry not. Now that he's reaching a break from school, we're hoping to get back on that. We have over 20K already done, so we'll keep on keepin' on until the story is out there for you, our wonderful fans. Maybe if I get off my butt, I can get some of the side stories (and a prequel) out here to tide you all over.

Woohoo! I'm glad that you guys haven't given up on the Heistverse :pinkiehappy:. I think what I'm going to say might be understood as rude or intrusive, I know that I have no influence in what you guys are going to write, but I LOVE protective!Jack, or maybe a better word, comforter!Jack, and do you remember the scene where Dash mentioned the "day after the Heist"? It would be interesting to see Dash breaking down or, you know not too heavy, seeing her softer side, showing her not so calm, collected side. I know you have many plot ponys galloping around, regarding the Heistverse but maybe you consider a comforting scene between Jack and Dash. :ajsmug::heart::rainbowkiss:

Well, that's not up to me. Merc writes both Jack and Dash. I'm sure he would love to provide if you continue to show your support.

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