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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...

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    In Equestria's far past, when the Chaos lord ruled, in a fit of boredom he has summoned warriors and desperate souls from all of Equestria--from anywhere and anywhen they come to fight to the death in his Arena for their ultimate heart's desire.
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Call to Help Finish the Games · 5:38am Dec 10th, 2015

So, the Games, as originally intended, are pretty much done. But that's not my fault--so I'll see them done, even if the overall exercise has been largely lost.

This being said: I need people to help me do these fights, because I just don't have the time or will--or even skill, for some of these characters. You'll have to use the character as they stand, but still it will largely be up to you. I'll grant full assist credit.

For those of us still properly in, we'll just proceed as normal (lookin' at you, author who has already given me their piece). The field has just been culled, basically.

So, if you liked the idea but could never do it and are willing and able to write 7000 words in a few weeks, please let me know. Also, note, round three will up the word count again. So if you want to continue helping, be serious. Don't bite off more than you can chew, please. I've had enough of that.

I would appreciate anybody helping out, so I can put this disappointing project behind me.

Will there be more OC tournies in the future? I'd like so. But I'd need a much larger participant pool (as replacements), as well as guarantees on actually receiving the work. So those who did take interest and I mentioned there'll be more, I've not dropped the idea. Not at all. I love the idea, and I'd love to see it actually go through. I've just lost any innocence I had about what it will take to see it through. So, I'm going to be a hardass about it.

Granted, I might also do the next one for actual prizes. Food for thought.

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Comment posted by Learn for Life deleted Dec 10th, 2015

Hmmm, so I might be able to win after all? MUAHAHAHA

Email me if you need help.

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