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I miss the days--to all my fans and supporters, you were great. I leave a ghost, honest but neglected promises, and just the tip of the worlds I wished to share...

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My God, He's Releasing Something New · 12:12am Jan 24th, 2016

Jaysus, I've been quiet here. In all ways, not just the writing side of life. Which sucks. I suck, yes.

But! In the meantime, in between my various degrees of sucking, my old buddy Merc has been keeping me in line and making sure I actually get some words down. Some characters explored. Some stories told. He invited me in on a project of his, and while it took a little time to get into, now that I am, it's going very well. Whatever you might want to say about me, I think I do a killer Rarity, and paired with Merc's absolutely perfect Applejack it makes for the absolutely best results.

So, in accordance with the title above, we've finally hit a point where we'd like to share some of it with you all. We're taking a sort of episodic approach to this. There will be an overarching storyline, and we'll likely have a few big things here or there, but generally speaking each 'Chapter' will instead be an 'Episode' (Note: Albeit possibly split up into various parts, based on need and/or interest.). And, like a proper TV show, each episode should have its own self-contained story and such.

We may not do this perfectly at first, but expect things to get more locked down as we get further in.

What does this do for us? Well, for one, it means we can look at things in smaller chunks and--ignoring my idiocy--get things done and released a little quicker, in better reading bites. More satisfaction for you, the readers--or so we hope. But even more so, it allows us to play a bit more, we can do different things in different episodes, try different things without getting locked in one single overall theme or direction. While we'll have our constant main characters, we can introduce a variety of different ones for short times, explore various locales, and have different goals under the big one.

What I'd even love to do, once we get through, is take suggestions--or maybe even have guest writers on the occasion?--for topics to base an episode around. But that's for the fuzzy future.

For now, I'm currently doing the last editing, we're getting a cover settled and ordered, so it should be up here sometime soonish. Give us a read, give us some feedback, and, if you like, give us some suggestions of where to go in the future!

We hope you enjoy, and we have very high hopes. It's been fun, we're excited to see where we go with it. I'm pecking at a few of my own little shorts that have been sitting around half done, so I may or may not have more of my personal work coming soon too. I can't promise anything, I've broken that waaaay too much. Life, man. Life.

So, stay warm for you folks suffering this snow, and take care everybody. Thanks, as always, and stay great.

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I think the episode/TV Show approach is great, because you have so much more flexibility and you can wrap a topic up and then kinda "forget" about it. For example when Jack and Izzy have an argument about something for whatever reason (comedic or dramatic effect maybe?) and they reconcile in this chapter/episode you won't have to worry about it popping up in some other chapter or that they are sour about it and it drags on for two or three chapters and they barely talk to each other. I, personally, think that you could make this story/TV Show a Comedy sprinkled with more serious themes, in contrast to the Heistverse, or Laughing Shadow, which are more Drama/Action oriented.
No matter how you write it ultimately, I am going to give it a shot and feedback if I find the words to describe it:twilightblush:.

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