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The True Horror of the Season Finale · 7:35pm Nov 28th, 2015

So, just got done with the season finale so fair warning


And I’m not talking about just for the season finale, I’m talking…



If any of you are curious as to why I stopped the great Equestrian Derby blog posts rating system to figure out best pony, it’s because I heard rumors early on that last years April Fools plot gags were true in some respect (Sunset coming to Equestria and the return of Nightmare Moon) and Starlight would be inducted into the mane six seven and they would thus make a season finale to make us try and love her, trying to turn her into best pony for the next season, because the whole show really is riding on the fact that we like her come next season, and…let’s be honest, there is no way in hell that’s going to happen.

For the past five years, we have fallen in love with these characters. Everybody has their favorite, but that does not mean that each and every one of those six girls has a special place in our hearts. Each one is the personification for the perfection of a certain stereotypical kind of person that is written as the best possible role model. Rarity is a fashionista, but she’s not an elitist. Applejack is a traditionalist, but not to the point where she’s overly stubborn. Fluttershy is a wallflower, but she can still muster up the courage to help her friends. Pinkie Pie is super eccentric, but isn’t just about the spectacle. Rainbow is a confident jock but not to the point of being an egotistical dick that lets fame go to her head. And Twilight is a nerd who can still connect with others.

Now, Sunset Shimmer managed to break into that group for some of us, but let’s be honest, it’s because of her back-story and relationship with Celestia that is largely unknown and fannon with how she’s basically Tia’s daughter and her experiences in the human world. Without that, none of us would have given a shit about her and preferred to leave her in the crater.

Starlight Glimmer is not going to be that, despite their obvious attempt to make her a new pony in need of friendship lessons to try and continue on the basic friendship lesson thing. From the leaked list of episodes (which unfortunately have already been written for the most part thanks to the way this show does with its writing staff) that is what’s going to happen. Just brace for it people, because…Hasbro and the EPs for MLP are going to try to make you love her.

But, what’s worse than a new character that they can potentially salvage is the way the show is threatening to go backwards on us. Since the beginning, every season of MLP has evolved in a cognitive sense as its beginning audience grew older. They started with just telling us what the morals were to either just exemplifying them, or just giving us a nice story. It’s what a show has to do to survive.

Example: Look at how Supernatural started, and where it is now. It’s gone from pure horror, to comedic adventure and has managed to hang on because of that ability to adapt.

Older example: The show Boy Meets World (that now has a spinoff so many years later featuring the kids of the original cast) started about the life of a 13 year old boy named Cory Mathews and ended with him getting married while in college.

While its not exactly fair to compare a cartoon show to a live-action one when it comes to character development, it is the ability for those characters and the show to evolve over time while keeping the traits that we love that keeps stuff running for a decade.

What Starlight Glimmer threatens to do is return the series back to season one, with the nerdy unicorn with a personality problem that mirrors the bacon-haired human’s way too much for my taste getting taught friendship lessons, and probably spelling them out for us via the girls telling Starlight what’s what.

And a show that does not change with its audience quickly finds its way out to pasture.

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Y'know, it sounds like you really didn't like this season. It kinda makes me leery of going with my original plan of binge-ing it all in one week.


Oh no. The season as a whole was great and probably had some of the best episodes pony's had, but the last episode was pretty sub-par and it just reeks of backtracking come S6, which is usually a very bad sign.

I was more skeptical of Starlight being more magical then Alicorn Twilight, but as far as starlight becoming the main focus of season six, it could that she gets reserved to the same role as discord, and gets brought up a few times here and there for lessons. Either way I'm not going to worry too much about it and trust the staff and hope Hasbro corporate stays to the sidelines as far as writing goes.

You do realize the show is staged to keep at least one character in a one down position, reinforce a socialist hierarchy, and maintain the status quo. I mean no offense, but even Fluttershy is invested in oneupmanship and emotional blackmail. That's not friendship that's the perversion of it. Not only that, the show has sugarcoated actions that males generally couldn't get away with unless they were strait up villains or sociopaths. I think the first episode of Friendship is Witchcraft hit the nail on the head with their portrayals of Fluttershy as a cult leader and Twilight the psycho. At least in that reality obvious pathology is obvious.

making her sympathetic is not impossible but with the amount of incompetence shown it is now far beyond them.
Also in that leaked list it practically states that the CMC will also somehow get involved with the map. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They have no connection to the forces of harmony.

Who's your least favorite of the mane six if you dont mind me asking?

3575575 Did you know that the creators of the show are not allowed to read fanfiction It's true!

Something about how they don't want the show influenced by random people who sometimes actually come up with better ideas then the creators themselves.

The show and its fandom, to me, peaked at season two and has been going steadily downhill since.

That's not to say there's been no good since then, oh no. There have been some very good episodes, but unfortunately also some pretty bad stinkers. And season five has had the most.

I'm not a fan of Starlight Glimmer in that a) she's become Twilight II and b) she's the most powerful unicorn ever. If this show keeps going I can see her ascending within a few seasons. Really at the end of the episode I felt like I was reading an OC "Mane Seven" fic. Why is it to be the next in line for the "magic of friendship" she has to be uber-powerful to figuratively and literally be taken under Twilight's wing?

That's true. Looking back at how they did the season finale, I was kind of disappointed in how rushed the plot line for the two episodes were, especially with how much hype everyone was making it. Even after finding out that there was going to be another season and season 5 wasn't the end all, the finale was still kind of lacking. And to quote something I've read on youtube, the writers were trying too hard to push Glimmer into being apart of the "Mane group" and gave her "redemption" almost immediately. To a pony that's only been apart of four episodes and has been the villain in all of them. It took Discord more than a season for everypony to stop giving him looks and now all of the Mane 6 just accepts Glimmer for both stealing all of their cutie marks and destroying multiverses. Kind of a let down, really. You know the saying "a redemption not earned is not worth having" or something like that? Yeah, I feel like Glimmer lost something just by that one statement at the end of the episode. I'm not seeing a lot that could be done to change that in the future seeing that no one but the Mane 6 has the vaguest idea of what just happened.

All right! I read this theory of yours, and I find it...lacking. To be frank, did you not notice the many references to multiple fanfictions in the season finale? :trixieshiftleft: Because they were there. That means that the show's writers are finally aware of this site (if they weren't before now, that is...), they are completely fine with it, and they are using it as free advertising. They know that the older audience can and will take care of itself with this site, so they are getting back to the younger audiences for the time being. In this way, they are using all of their resources, and are trying to attract more people to the show's fanbase by changing the way they do things for a season. If profits go down enough though, they'll pull back to their more profitable audience in Season 7. It's just good business sense. :scootangel:

This season for the most part. SUCKED, so many bad choices and wasted potential. The A game just wasn't there.

So they want to add in a new maine character. Here's a suggestion. SUNSET SHIMMER! Rasinbow Rocks shows she is likely a seventh element NOT STARLIGHT GLIMMER. I'd rather had her be around as a constant villain for a bit The Finale jsut plain sucked and is actually being put on pair with Best Night Ever but I put it below that since at least that was continueity.

The other timelines but Nightmare Moons shouldn't have existed and Starligth should have went with them and see what a stupid idea this was. And the whole my friend left me being the sole reason for her actions. :facehoof:

The A game just wasn't there this season. And if you're right about what you said i think we are hitting the death knell of FIM. We don't like Starlight Glimmer and she hasn't had the backstory and development that Sunset has to change that.

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