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The Epic Star Wars We Used to Know and Love is Dead · 5:26pm Dec 17th, 2017

Well now that everyone's had a few days to see digest, and in my case get over the sick feeling it left me with, I' gonna make a post about the new Star Wars movie.

Well, let me start off by saying the new star wars movie wasn't that bad of a movie.

If it had been it own little stand alone thing with different names, places and so forth, I would have had no problem with it what so ever.

However, it is Star Wars, it is a breed apart from regular movies. And no, while I am a big fan of the expanded universe (the games, books, comics, and so forth ) I do not consider Star Wars some sort of holy, untouchable thing that can't be surpassed, hasn't already been surpassed, and is the be all and end all of all fiction.

Now, one more thing before I start.


Okay, so the biggest problem in this new Star Wars saga (both movies) is the villains. They are FUCKING MORONS! And this is one of the things that just makes it impossible to reach anywhere near the heights that the old Star Wars did. You can not have amazing heroes without a villainous mastermind that needs to be overcome.

Look at Palpatine. Both in the originals and the prequels, he was a brilliant manipulator of the highest order. He engineered the invasion of Naboo to become head of the republic, then had the other guys start a war so that he could get everyone that would oppose him taking over the Republic into one room, and then has them all killed after years and years of war grants him more and more political power. Flash forward to episode 6 and Palpatine is a step away from victory by the end of the movie with Han having to surrender to the 1000+ storm troopers, Vader dying on the floor, and Luke nearly taking Vader's place. The only thing he did wrong was underestimate the Skywalker's love for each other (which is a defining character trait for big epic villains) and a bunch of moving teddy bears that anyone would roll their eyes at. And like all good villains, it is this one flaw that undoes him, the only thing that CAN undo him.

In contract, we have Snoke, the dumbass of the universe. Forgetting for a moment that we have no clue as to what his past is, unless there is some new book out that I don't know about, he is the dumbest Star Wars dark side villain in history. The reasons for this are twofold: the fist is a lack of common sense that every single person in the Order shared which I will get into later, and...he didn't see Ben's betrayal coming despite the fact he was reading the brat's mind.

Here's the thing about the Sith, since the expanded universe has pretty much been deleted post-Vader, if not completely, operate on what's known as the Rule of Two, half of which everyone knows as "Always two their are, no more, no less." thanks to Yoda at the end of Episode 1. The other half of the rules goes "One to embody power. The other, to crave it." What this means in other words, from day one, the apprentice is expected to KILL THE MASTER! Thus the apprentice will always strive to become more powerful while keeping the master on his toes, keeping him from becoming too lazy.

So, let's move onto our second main villain, (*sigh*) Justin Berber. Seriously, before episode 7 came out, they were considering him for this role.

So...Ben Skywalker...he's a whiny little bitch. And yes, while that seems to be a an inherited trait from his Skywalker blood, what with Anakin starting out as one, Luke throwing his fits back on Tatooine before becoming one again thanks to years in seclusion, the fact that he is still in pussy mode at this point in time completely destroys him as a villain. The biggest thing about him being: he's indecisive.

Say what you will about Anakin, when he decided to go dark, he went all in from the start and murdered a bunch of kids before fatally injuring his wife and nearly killing his best friend. He didn't look back, he didn't get decisive, when the time came, he became Darth Vader.

Now sure, Ben killed his dad, which brings me to the second big problem I have with the New Star Wars: how it pisses on everything that came before. Here's the thing, the difference between a Sith and just some punk who uses the dark side is that they're willing to sacrifice love for power. They do this by murdering a loved one. This is what gives them the clarity and super-evil broad view of everything. But Ben, no he gets conflicted, he gets weaker, he becomes even more indecisive.

And this is why I say that the EPIC Star Wars we all knew and loved is dead.

The new star wars tries to turn its main villain into someone you can relate to, into someone the audience can understand and even sympathize with. That's not an epic villain. An epic villain is someone that everyone in the history of the human race would condemn. An epic villain is Sauron from LoTR, it's Agent Smith from the Matrix, it is basically the devil, with some new wrapping put on top.

And without the epic villain, the heroes don't look as great. They start to have insurmountable flaws too, they aren't these paragons of virtue that we can never quite reach, but should always strive towards. The hero mentor goes and hide on an island while the universe burns because he tried to murder a kid in his sleep in a moment of weakness and just waits to die.

The guys beneath the villains become so stupid that they chase a bunch of ships that can go .5% faster than them in deep space for so long people can leave the faster ships and come back without bothering to call in extra support from their fleet or just have half of the dozen ships in front of them light speed ahead, turn around and cut them off.

The new epic hero has a lazily crafted backstory that is literally "you're a nobody from a pair of nobodies, from the middle of nowhere, and you're only as strong as the villain because the Force demanded that there be plot convince because the guy with the real backstory DECADES IN THE MAKING that goes back to the time of our parents needs to lose a fight."


While the movie itself is...okay as a movie that will makes lots of money, sell toys, and do all that stuff, it is not a story that will stand the test of time, and because of the setup, neither will the sequel.

So, here's hoping for Star Wars X: We Paid Attention in Classical English Class.

Because the next installment is just going to be something that makes money, but falls short of what it should be.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. :eeyup:

Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. It’s the only way to become what you were meant to be.

More Last Jedi spoilers: This is under a post with Last Jedi spoilers. If you read this without seeing the movie, them you have done something wrong.

I particularly enjoyed Snoke being killed. The Dark side clouded his mind enough so, and I don't even think Ren had decided who he was gonna kill until he did it. Every Sith Master is killed by their apprentice. Ren is a great villian in my book. The moral ambiguity is what makes it great in my book. He's not evil for the sake of evil. No one ever is. The ending Luke scene was also amazing. (Still, I wouldn't have minded him casually drinking Mandalorians under the table with wookie drinks). Rey is my biggest problem with the new trilogy. She's too much of a Mary Sue. If they made her related to the Skywalkers, then they could do something that explains that she had training, but had a memory block. But instead, they went with her as a nobody. Hopefully she's a powerful Jedi or Sith reincarnated.

The Finn and Rose on that gambling planet was a great commentary on war, and those outside of it. I am concerned how they are gonna use Leia in IX. The villains were the clear cut winners of the battle, there is only enough rebels left to fill the Falcon. Honestly, the best way to end this trilogy is to have the war still happening.

Individual scenes were amazing! All together, not as good. If they pull a "sike, Rey isn't a nobody" in 9, that could do something. Snoke had a classic Sith death, and neither Rey nor Ren turned, which I liked.

So, my rating is 7/10

I haven't seen it yet, (but will tomorrow) but I do agree that the epicness, for lack of better word, of the villian and hero in 7 fell far short of both my expectations and previous installments. But I had attributed that from it being produced by a different studio and director who were unfamiliar with Lucus's way of handling the franchise.

Now I am sad that the trend has continued. I will still see it and I will still hope it's better then the last jedi movie.:trixieshiftright:

I watched the film on Saturday and yeah, I thought it was pretty good. Not amazing, but I liked it more than the Force Awakens. Some spoilers for people who haven't watched the film.

I feel this movie took more risks, with Kylo Ren not turning to the Dark Side fully, it actually interests me more. Yeah he's indecisive, he wanted to commit fully to the Dark side, but he comes to the decision, that all these old bastards, with their old ideas, should be left to die. The Rebels, the Jedi, The sith etc. And in a weird way, he's kinda right, from his POV anyway. The Jedi 'Luke' failed him, The Sith 'Snoke' used him. The Rebels 'Han & Leia' Sent him off with Luke in the first place, seemingly abandoning him. I always felt like the lack of a grey area for force users, was a bit of a problem in Star Wars. At least in the movies, you only ever have Jedi and Sith, maybe Kylo's the start of something new? While Rey's clinging to the old, with the Jedi. Which was actually the one thing I really disliked about Rey, how she saves the Jedi text's at the end of the movie. =/

Anyway I don't agree with the position that Epic villains have to be wholly evil. Or I should say, an antagonist doesn't need to be wholly evil, merely someone with a differing point of view. The Borg in Star Trek aren't evil, they actually think they're helping other sentient's by assimilating them, into the collective.

Ashur in Fallout 3's The Pitt has enslaved thousands of people, but by doing so, he's made Pittsburgh a more stable location. And he's working on synthesising a cure for the Troglodyte mutation, due to his daughter's unique immunity. And how about Handsome Jack? One of the most personable antagonist we've had in games. From his Point of view, he's the hero, and he's right in a way. Pandora is a free for all, wild west, where looting and killing are commonplace. It's a planet ruled by bandits, and killers. He does a lot of horrible things, but it's part of a goal to make Pandora an overall, more stable planet to live on. Not that I dislike big bad forces of evil, like Robotnik in Sonic SatAM, Sauron from LOTR, Voldemort from Harry Potter. They just don't have to be the only interesting villains.

I like that it's shades of grey. I like that it's not black and white. A lot of the issues in todays society come about because people paint everything as that. There's no context. No empathy. It's all us v them. The old Star Wars was about absolutes and we all know where that ends up. I very much doubt they're going to forget the terrible things Ben has done and even with his indecision he's still making wrong choices. That's what this film is trying to show. It's not about who we think we are it's about the choices we make. Maybe Ben can't be redeemed fully but even Vader turned out to have some good in him.

People forget that. They forget that despite Vader being this evil badass there was good in him. He wasn't all evil and did the right thing in the end because that's what matters most. Doing the right thing. Just like Luke did the right thing thus redeeming himself. The right thing being sacrificing all in the name of love which is what the Star Wars saga has been about all along. Love.

Am I the only one that's OK with Rey coming from nothing? I mean, I don't really buy the whole 'the force made her super powerful JUST to counter Kylo Ren,' but does she HAVE to have some super legacy of awesome to be the new champion of the light side? Besides, a lot of the best heroes(and villains) in Star Wars have come from nothing. Aside from his Jesus metaphor conception, ANAKIN came from nothing. He was a slave, and I don't recall there being anything particularly special about Shimi's family history either before the Force knocked her up. Heck, pre-Disney, Han Solo had a very similar backstory to Rey's. He was a street urchin raised by a con man, and spent a lot of his early years as a pawn in a lot of shady activity where he either got good at it or ended up dead, very much like Rey was effectively Plutt's slave, honing her scavenging skills, among other things, so she could work for food. This extends to Finn as well, since as a First Order child conscript, he might as well be from nothing too, and he even shares the similarities to (Original-EU)Han, as well as many other characters, in that he used to be in Imperial service.

There's nothing wrong with Rey NOT having a super special family history, and I think that the best twist they gave it was to NOT make her Luke/Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon/Yoda/etc's secret daughter or otherwise significant special past. If there's one thing the new movies should be praised for, it's showing how ANYONE, given the right circumstances, could become a hero.

I'm alright with that. But I'm annoyed at Ben. For someone who idolizes Vader, he's more of a whiny bitch than pre-Gimp Samurai Vader. And he recked the movie for me.

And with someone who seems pretty content on allowing one of his past stories to die, you'd think that OP would have internalized this.

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