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A little sketch · 8:15pm Oct 19th, 2015

Before I go into writing the next chapter of The Lunar Guardsman I decided to draw a little to clear my head. One of the sketches I made is this one where Twilight meets Raegdan for the first time in the basement when she was kidnapped at the age of 8. I like the roughness of it so I don't know whether I'll ever try to clean it up.

Also, here's the link for the Newsgrounds page Ta-Daaaa!

The picture has been added to the author notes of the relevant chapter. I am thinking of making a couple for each chapter as I go along when I have time for it but I'd like some opinions whether that's a good idea or I should just keep those away so they don't force my vision of the scenes in the reader's head.

Report Crimmar · 424 views · Story: The Lunar Guardsman · #Drawing
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Comments ( 4 )

I think it depends on the picture, to be honest. Keep them vague and you should be fine. For an example of someone who did a spectacular job adding art to story, Starscribe did it perfectly in The Last Pony on Earth

to be honest twilight need to smaller, after all she was just a filly when she meet him for the first time, other than that is a good sketch

i think some pictures at the right places add a nice touch to the story as long as you don't use the picture as crutch
to rely upon instead of giving descriptions.

3484919 Maybe I should have been clearer in this post. I seem to have made a lousy job of explaining my intentions.

I was thinking to make some pictures to add at the end of each chapter, not necessarily as i post each chapter but sometime down the line. The sketches/pics won't be used in any way or form of telling the story but more like bonus material, an alternate way to portray what I see in my head. Random scenes or objects or whatever that's relevant to the chapter. The text will be the true way of what happens in story, the pictures just an artistic point of view.

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