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My Thoughts spin-off series · 8:12pm Sep 15th, 2015

I've been thinking about a little side project. Basically, giving Let's Playing a whirl. Sort of like those 'My Thoughts' blogs for games I consider inspirations, but with YouTube videos of my horrible rusty gamer skills while I talk about the game/s, what I think about them, and what I learned from them as a story-teller.

You guys and galls any interested in that? Or do you want a proof of concept first?

My all-time biggest inspiration is quite possible something quite a few of you might have heard and be curious about...

But since Planescape: Torment is such a massive, massive game, that would be a 100+ hour project. Something I'm not quite sure I'll have the time for anytime soon. Let alone what a chore and a half learning things like video editing already is without the game also being old enough to legally merry. :pinkiesad2:

Still, I think I've got a smaller alternative.

Not even near as large an influence I'll admit, but should be a fun little experiment. Less room for me to outright screw-up as well since the game is shorter and newer. That, and if there's enough interest its really easy for me to just continue on with the rest of the series.

Plus, since Shadowrun: Returns is one of those weird 'cyberpunk meets magic' settings, I shouldn't have much problem filling the air thanks to my skull full of random trivia. :twistnerd:

So, yes, not exactly pony related, but I thought I'd still gauge interest. Any thoughts, complaints, or feedback at first glance?

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Planescape torment will probably take 20-30 of gameplay to do all the quests and read all dialogs. (Dialogs and descriptions are 384 pages long). However as a person who has finished that game more than 5 times I would not recommend it because it is basically a visual novella with special effects.
And if you do a recording dont forget to install mods and tweaks from Sorcerer's Place and pocket plane.


Again, really huge influence for me. P.T really opened my eyes on how little the rules for a genera actually matters, as long as you make sure that you break them both consistently and in an interesting manner.

You are quite right it would be a massive, massive undertaking, though. Again, why I don't think it would be even nearly fair to use it for a first try.

(But yeah, those fix packs are quite neat, aren't they? Honestly one of my favorite mod series of all time. :raritystarry:)

You wish. Over on SA, a guy did an LP of Planescape that took four years to complete and probably ended up having more original dialogue, short fiction and character development written for it than all your stories so far taken together, in terms of sheer word count and still managed to skip over or miss more than a few few of not even just the really obscure hidden secrets and pointless fetchquests you can find.

Not that you'd have to go to that kind of insane lengths, but with the niche appeal and the fandom, it's still well-known enough that anyone who'd want to read an LP it will have some pretty high expectations and all the self-restraint, social skills or gratefulness you can expect from someone so fanatically obsessed about a video game they keep the fandom going even almost 20 years later. , Seriously, half the people who even still know about it are people are the sort that can and probably will point utterly single line of dialogue you misquote because by now, they've practically memorized the whole thing.

Long story short, video game nerds who think they have literary aspirations manage to be even worse than the regular crowd somehow. I have no idea why anyone would want willingly do that to themselves.

I would note that you have a lot of stories you are writing already, and another one you are at least planning on writing, so adding more projects when you have 3 or 4 active projects is probably not a good idea.

3395346 I meant just finishing the game will take over 30+ hours, interpretation of the game will take forever and ever.


Fair enough a point.

Still, this is mostly me dipping a toe into the waters to see what type of interest there is for this here, since that's where my current audience is. I must admit I've been curius at trying LP:ing for years, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon.

If you decide to go on with your idea about Shadowrun Returns - then I can only suggest launching it from Shadowrun: Dragonfall. It would result in game mechanics of the second game being used, which are noticeably better, in my opinion. Not sure if it is possible to launch the campaign from Hong Kong, but here's the guide to launching it from Dragonfall.

While I love Torment, im also torn with shadowrun. I loved the books, the games too. I still wish I had the skills to write the story in that kinda setting, between twilight foundation, diamond dogs, the virtual world, and discord. With so much more.

But as for a choice between both, ooh, I cant choose. Both are great in my eyes. And whichever is chosen is a win. Just to start with the first of shadowrun, as while its a tad rough in places, it does give lore a great spin.

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