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Another MLP pony facts video · 2:48pm Sep 11th, 2015

A few things wrong and I knew nearly all of the rest already, I must admit, but still a cool list.

Celestia's coat is an extremely light pink, not white for example. 'Light fuchsiaish gray' or #FDF5FB to be precise.

That's a really common mistake though. (Light fuchsiaish gray looks like this against actual white, so it's outright understandable even.) Hell, I've got a good eye and tend to be a stickler for color names, and i'll freely admit it took a few episodes even then for me to notice myself that Celestia isn't white.

It's really noticeable when she and light grey coated (#F1F1F3) Rarity share the same screen, though.

Still, I realize that there's a time and place for this stuff. You say 'yellow' and everybody that speaks English will get what you're talking about even if their interpretation varies. You say 'pale, light grayish gold' and most are just going to scratch their heads until you add: 'the shade of yellow Fluttershy's coat is' and then give you this look: :ajbemused:

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(Light fuchsiaish gray looks like this against actual white, so it's outright understandable even.)

I can just barely still see that. And now I think I will spend the next hour messing with my monitor's contrast settings.

Oh, by the way, something that isn't mentioned in the video, I think: looking a lot like white is something that may have been intentional. This is something I learned about after I got into painting - many painters (the artistic and the vocational types both) will mix a light amount of red into white paint because that actually makes it look whiter than white.

It's a curious effect that makes the white seem warmer and brighter to us, by way of an optical illusion. It's easily noticed when you put two large, flat rectangles of it side by side. The "real" white will look colder and almost drab by comparison. It's an interesting phenomenon.


I've also heard that in Celestia's case it was a compromise.

Faust wanted pure white, Hasbro wanted the more standard princess pink Celestia's early toys were (as mentioned), so they split the difference at a shade of pink so light you miss it unless you're looking for it.

But yeah, I do think a seldom mentioned strength of MLP is how wide and well utilized a color-palate the show has. You very seldom see any one shade more than once with the exception of relatives, and they still make it seem natural for the world.

The studio really deserves more credit than it normally gets for that bit. :raritystarry:

Yes, very true. "Technicolor" and "pastel" get thrown around a lot, of course, but the artistic direction of the show really is top-notch in that regard in particular. Everyone is very unique in terms of color scheme, which is really necessary, too, considering how similar they all are in terms of body type. They did a good job matching everything up as well with supplementary and complementary colors, something that most "OCs" really terribly fail at, most of the time.

If I recall correctly, I don't think there's anypony that's actually white.
As mentioned, Celestia has the tiniest of pinks, Rarity is slightly grey, and Vinyl is mildly tinted yellow.
I think Sweetie Belle is also grey.

3384589 3384428

Actually, there's literally one pony that's white-white...


Double Diamond. Sort of fitting for the near only pony seen so far with a snow based talent.

You are right in that near every other pony in the show is light grey or other similar shades and not a true white, though.

And that guy is a great example for that coldness effect, too. He almost looks a bit blueish compared to Celestia, doesn't he? Pure #FFFFFF, though.

The episode "Last Dash"

He mean last roundup, right?
I'd be more sure if he wasn't showing a fan clip for that fact. Epic Muffin Time, anyone?

Gah so many errors late in this that it's not funny.


Yeah, not going to deny that.

Still, given the pure number of facts and that it was apparently done more by fan request than actual MLP interest I think that's excusable.

Unprofessional and less than stellar bar of standards, I will admit, but I thought it had enough value to still pass on.

3386459 Well he DID have 2 or 3 that I didn't know but considering how some of his facts took me a second to swap from "really?" to "not quite" I'm not sure if I want to believe them.

Oh, unrelated question.
Is SA going to update in the next 2 weeks or is it safe to throw the current version on my e-reader?


Is SA going to update in the next 2 weeks or is it safe to throw the current version on my e-reader?

I severely doubt it, sadly, so you go right ahead.

3386651 I'm trying to limit the fic update schedule on it to once a month, otherwise things get annoying.

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