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Lucky Strike - New chapter coming soon! · 6:18am Sep 7th, 2015

Firstly...I'm REALLY sorry about taking so long to update! In the month since the first chapter, I've gone through a minor crisis (which has since abated, don't worry), gone to BronyCAN, and battled a particularly nasty case of strep throat. All pathetic excuses, I know. Just know that I absolutely refuse to submit something I'm not happy with; if a chapter takes a long time, it's because I either did not plan it (or plan much of it) or I got some done but wasn't happy so I took it out and fixed it. Well, it was both in this case. I had to create a backstory for Fleur, which I hope you'll find plausible and meaningful. I think it works well and can't wait to really implement it. I have some cool ideas for this fic and sincerely hope you'll continue to follow it. The chapters will be worth the wait, I promise.

Until next time, stay classy, folks.

Report metroid_freak · 382 views · Story: Lucky Strike · #Progress #Update
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Comments ( 5 )

:yay: that is a ok. Just makes it more worth it when I can read it :D


The excuses are not pathetic. If you have to deal with a crisis, deal with it with the best of your abilities, the BronyCAN (?) thing is totally fine, I mean, who doesn't want to be at any Brony Convention. And the battle with strep throat, I know how it feels to have it, so don't think any of your excuses are pathetic. If you have any problems over on your side of the world, deal with it. We all will understand why the story is delayed.

I just finished a battle with whooping cough. Ended up pulling my abs from coughing too much. Sore abs are bad abs. I'll happily wait for a chapter. No one likes writing sick.

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