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About Names and Places... · 4:33am Sep 7th, 2015

I was recently thinking about my character's names for several different reasons, one of them being that the next part is introducing Coco's parents. Considering that Coco's name is quite the pun itself (and, come to think of it, Babs is sort of one, too), I figured I'd do the same for her family. (Not at all because I like thinking of bad puns. Nope. Not at all.)

I have basically one of two options for Coco's parents. I know that they both run a store called Heart and Spade that's been around for longer than their only daughter has even been alive and that it manages to be one of the most well-known family establishments in Manehattan. They're far from being on the glitz and glamour level Mosely's reached (and let's be honest: who wants to be on any level of his?) but nevertheless are semi-well-known throughout their part of the city as mom-and-pop merchants who are slightly above middle class but not quite enough to be considered "rich." Heart and Spade is a slightly strange shop that could probably best be described as the Equestrian equivalent to a convenience store; it's like a small corner grocery and has produce, but it also has various odds and ends, knickknacks, Manehattan souvenirs, that sort of thing. Like a modernized general store, I guess. It also has a small bakery that doesn't do anything too fancy like Sugarcube Corner does (the Manehattanites tend towards the more upscale cupcakeries for stuff like this), basically a bare-bones place that'll sell you bread and not much else. The Pommels aren't all that good with the more complex pastries, but what they are known for is their various kinds of potato bread. My headcanon is that (other than obvious Chanel puns being obvious) the reason the Pommels have that surname is because of the French word "pomme" meaning "apple" (in Coco's case, foreshadowing her new status in the Apple family) and more importantly, "potato."

Now here's where the problem comes in. I have the personalities for the Pommel parents figured out, but can't quite figure out which of the two would serve as the more business-oriented personality who does most of the marketing and managing for the store and which would be the baker and more of the "public face" of Heart and Spade who interacts more with the customers. The baker would be the one to bear the Pommel name and would be a pun on the French word for potato, either Terry Pommel (stallion version) or Terra Pommel (mare version). Because I liked the way "Heart and Spade" sounded from the beginning and couldn't pass up another fashion pun in the family, the business worker would be named Fated Spade (mare version) or Nate Spader (stallion version.) Please give me feedback on this. (Personally, I really like Fated Spade the best out of the names, but I still would like to see your responses.)

In a little while, in a later part, I'll discuss Babs' name. Basically, as a spoiler-free preview, know that the veiled insult behind her name was not actually meant to be there: her last name was, in fact, Seed, but her real first name is something I don't know quite yet. (It's not "Barbara" like a lot of people seem to think; for some reason, that doesn't seem to mesh with me. But I could change my mind on that.) The story with the name we call her by is pretty similar to the way some celebrities are: it's a childhood nickname that stuck. "Babs" was the pet name her deceased father called her mother when they were dating; it was a shortened version of "babe" or "baby," and for some odd reason, he liked it. When the couple had their child, they started using the name to refer to the foal instead. I felt like, had they intentionally chose her first name in combination with their family name "Seed," it would've been far too cruel to be in character for both of them, as they really cared about their daughter. (Of course, the second Mosely got wind of the nickname, he saw the connection with marrying outside one's class and creating a "bad seed" all too quickly and probably abused it to heck. I also imagine that, though they didn't know about her past, the group of criminals who had Babs in their custody for quite a while also made the connection and used it to further abuse and disparage her when she wasn't doing a good enough job. If the nickname wouldn't have had so much connection to the few good times she remembers with her birth parents, I imagine that Babs would give the nickname up and start going by another. But the good associations she has with it, and the good associations she has with her birth parents and Coco calling her that, override all the bad associations. For now.)

But if you think Babs' name is harsh, the harshest name meaning in the entire series would probably have to be...Suri's. The etymology of her name can mean several things in several languages, and TVTropes and others have pointed out that one of them is "pickpocket." Probably the worst, in my opinion, though, is its meaning in Hebrew, which is literally "go away." A) Not sure what her parents were thinking when they named her that; B) this would make a darn good breakup line for her and Mosely; and C) I know of a few fans who would like her to live up to her name...:rainbowlaugh:

On a completely different note, though, I've decided a few more things, first being that I now have a special name for new parts being released. I've noticed that a few more modern cartoons have fanbases that refer to new episodes in coded terms (such as "Steven Bombs" in a particular other fandom), and I like that idea. So I've gotten into the habit of calling new parts "Love Starts" now. It's a bit corny, but I personally like it and I'll try to have Love Starts about once every three weeks.

Also, Coco's going to be getting a bit of a temporary makeover! The reasons for it are a mystery for now but know that cameos are a recurring motif in Act Two and Coco will get a rose one in a brooch form sort of like this. The flower in her hair will also now be orange instead of her signature red. (Also learned today that Coco's hair flower is likely a dahlia that's been simplified for animation purposes. Spent longer than I should have trying to find a match for it IRL. :rainbowlaugh:)

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Comments ( 9 )

I have no idea what kind of advice you could give on names for Coco's family. But you're putting a lot of thought into this. Good luck, girl :twilightsmile:


Thanks a lot. There's reason for everything in this post. Even Coco's hair flower changing colors. The reason for that in particular might be enough to rile some fans up...

If you really want to know, there are hints to the event in other blog posts and that's all I'm gonna say.


Well, if I didn't notice the first time, I'll live with it. I'd just as soon keep everything a surprise :raritywink:

Suri is the Yiddish form of Sarah according to Behind the Name:



Somehow, it seems that that name has carried over to several languages, each with a different meaning. I know of one where it means "princess." (Just don't tell Suri that.)


You would be extra cool if you snuck my OC in there.


I don't know much about your OC. Can you tell me more about him/her?

What's your feedback on the name's I've provided for Coco's family in here?

3377001 - Yeah. Her ego is already big enough.

And for all those wondering about everyone's favorite character in this drama: it means "peat bog" or "mouse wood."

Just kidding. Nopony likes you, Mosely. And clearly, your semi-canon name reflects that. (Actually got the name from his official minifigure; didn't make it up.)

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