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    Um... hey guys. I lost my job yesterday. (Yeah, they fired me just before Labor Day weekend. My former employers are hilarious.) I've known this was coming for around two months now, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find another job yet.

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Is this thing on? · 8:47pm Sep 5th, 2015

Um... hey guys. I lost my job yesterday. (Yeah, they fired me just before Labor Day weekend. My former employers are hilarious.) I've known this was coming for around two months now, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find another job yet.

A few of you might recall that I started a blog about bad movies, and I've kept at that for the better part of a year and a half, heaping on rage at rating movies on a scale of Nicolas Cage (out of five). I had the crazy thought that maybe, just maybe, I could try to support myself at least a little if I went to Patreon. It'd mean a great deal to me if any of you could contribute a few dollars to help keep me afloat while I look for something permanent. I have a decent backlog of posts on the blog already, so you can get a good idea of what style I go for. Posts are generally at least 1,500 words or more, so it's almost like a short story here on ol' FiMFic. Just with fewer alicorn OCs or gay unicorn soldiers. Any of you who followed me way back in the Ponychan days, the reviews are a bit like the Vindictive reviews I used to do. Those of you who don't know what the hell that means, these are a former EqD pre-reader getting mad about petty points in a review of a creative work. Always good for a few laughs, right? And it keeps me writing.

I don't want to pressure anyone here, mostly because it's really difficult for me to ask for help. But, if you need to take care of yourself, please, please do that first. I'll get by; I've got savings, and I should be able to get some unemployment benefits while I keep looking for a job. I'd be deeply, deeply grateful for any help, though, and you get benefits from seeing me flail about in textual rage.

We now return to your regularly scheduled FiMFiction.

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Sorry to hear you got fired man.:fluttercry: And i wish I had the money to donate, you pretty much inspired me to start writing fanfiction as a whole. And while yes, my first ever story is a blatant rip off of that very story you wrote, I've gotten better. Unfortunately, I don't have the cash at the moment, or a Patreon account. I suppose I could write a blog, encouraging any of my followers who use Patreon to lend some support?

I know it's not much, but I wanna help in any way I can.

Have money.

Also, good luck with the job hunt!

Comment posted by An Unimpressive deleted Sep 6th, 2015
Wanderer D

Let me get back on my feet myself, and I'll be adding to your pool, man.

Wow, feels like forever since I last heard anything from ya. Almost comes across like some kind 'o lifetime, actually. heh. I have not been the most attentive in the last year, seeing as I have less and less time to be a part of the fandom due to work, work, and more work. Did I mention work already?

At any rate, a real shame ya lost yer job as ya did. Been there myself several times since we last spoke. Matter of fact, quite a lot has happened. Loss of jobs, loss of net, loss of drive and fame (if ya can even say I ever had such a thing in the first place). Pretty much have lost contact with nearly everyone. Hell, even old Nick-y boy is gone. Most 'o the time it feels like I'm just 'bout the last of the old guard from the chan days that is 'round. Or maybe I'm just the one that everyone's left behind (for very valid reasons no less), heh.

Well, enough 'bout my rambling like an old man (which, at this point, I could be despite barely hitting the quarter mark in my life. 75% of being left to endure, I guess). Really do feel sorry for ya on the job end, as mentioned earlier. I'll see what I can scrape together to help ya, but I'm in a bit of a pickle myself right now, with my brother's surgery, computer being in the shop, and grandmama being pretty much in the fast track to losin' a leg. Long story short, ya should read my two most recent blogs if ya want the full details. Hell, ya can even see some of the stuff I've been crapping out as well. Certainly did learn quite a lot from ya back in the day. Though, to be fair, it sometimes feels like I have not really grown much since then. Yer reviews were always a highlight. Hearing ya break down a bit at the end of "Salty Shores" way back then made me smile really wide-like. Bad news is that most of that work got lost when my hard drive failed close to a year and a half ago, including all the books I had completed. Ya can read 'bout it, but it's rather depressing. Let's just say that after that event, my career as a writer sort of took a major nosedive I have not quite recovered from yet.

Yes, yes, I know I'm typing like I'm speaking in some kind of Midwestern drawl. I've been living among ranchers and cowboys here in the Mojave so long that it just stuck, even when I type casual-like. Don't let it get to ya though.

Well, guess that 'bout covers the 'TL:DR' stuff. If ya like, we can talk in more details. Really wish I could invite ya to a paint or two (especially after your previous fiasco that pretty much made ya leave and whatnot), so instead I'll just say to ya: 'welcome back old friend'. Not that I think we were ever really 'friends', like I was with Nick-y boy—at least as far as it went from your end. I was friend to everyone, so it counts from my end. Really have gotten cynical since then though. Age does that to ya.

Whoa. Vimbert—THE Vimbert—the unimpressive needs my help... Where do I send the monies?

Damn, dude. I hopped on to the Ponychan scene right around the time you headed off to EqD but I heard so much. I'd love to help Anything for a fellow a/fic/ionado.

I think I can pitch in a few monthly bucks.

Also, I'm also overjoyed to see someone else giving attention to Dhoom 3. Those kinds of movies are kind of hilarious in concept to me, though the only one I've seen kind of tested my patience and I can't remember much of what happened. This one looks like I might enjoy it more on at least an ironic level.

Hey there! Good to hear from you again, though I wish it were under better circumstances.

Best of luck with the job search. I don't know how much I can do to help, but I'm happy to throw a few bucks in the Patreon jar in hopes that the power of crowds can get things accumulating.

At any rate, after watching Foodfight! you deserve every cent you get. D:

PP said he'd disown me if I don't help you so here I am.
Losing a job sucks. I can help with the monetary equivalent of a backrub and a "There, there." It'd be more, but, exchange rates are a bitch.

Hope you find something in the meantime!

That'd be great! And don't worry about the money; like I said, if you need to look after yourself first, do that.


Hey, like I said, take care of yourself first if you need to, but I'll look forward to it! Thanks!

Send moniesssssss

Foodfight damn near broke me.

Hey, no worries! I'll take the well wishes. More good luck and karma my way can only help.

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