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    Yes, I'm still around occasionally. I can be summoned via PM.

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Story rec · 5:56am Mar 27th, 2017

Yes, I'm still around occasionally. I can be summoned via PM.

Pascoite wrote a story that did more justice to the maelstrom of bullshit and emotion that inspired Twilight, Revised than I could ever summon. You should read it. Like one of its leads, it's more of a slow burn than anything immediately satisfying, and it might take time to make its full impact known. ...Or maybe it was so specifically targeted that it's only going to be me that feels this way.

Nevertheless. It's a good read about Twilight Sparkle struggling with herself. And if you are or were a fan of mine, you probably enjoy that at least a little, no?

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How did i miss this...

Author Interviewer

>tfw Vimbert

A story so good that it brings Vimbert back from the unactive to give it a shoutout? Well, in that case I'll definitivelly check it out :twilightsmile:

Thanks much for the signal boost, but please don't downplay "Twilight, Revised." It's a great story that deserves all the attention it's gotten.


Everything, every story, has weaknesses. And for all the reviews I've given, I'm always harshest on myself.

4474380 I've read hundreds of stories here on FimFiction and "Twilight, Revised" is still my favorite of them all :twilightsmile:

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