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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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Work resuming on Five Star Service... · 5:31pm Aug 4th, 2015

... after putting 100,000 words in on my other works. The Lawyer and the Unicorn has turned into a decent hit given its subject matter, and I just launched a new story yesterday called Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly.

It's a military epic; an AU story of the pony/griffin war seven hundred years past told through the eyes of Firefly (yes, she was a G1 pony), Rainbow Dash's ancestor and founder of the group that would later become the Wonderbolts. Those of you who are sword-and-sorcery aficionados and especially fans of Feathered Heart are invited to check it out, as I'll be incorporating a lot of the worldbuilding DEL did with the griffin culture and military into it.

As for Five Star Service, I will be aiming to get the next chapter published within three weeks, and try to keep to a regular schedule after that. I'm a little worried that trying to juggle three stories at once will be too difficult, but TLaTU (or at least book 1) will be wrapping up within a few chapters so it should only be temporary.

What lies ahead in the new chapter? Well, you'll find out what Five Stars was doing during her second break from the articles, and we'll lead into the next chapter of her life, involving her fourth herd. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for the portal to open and humans to show up, it's coming within the next few chapters. :twilightsmile:


Comments ( 8 )

Praise the Sun and the Moon! It's been too long, best OC!

Before the Storm: The Rise of Firefly.

No, it doesn't have any banging, banging everywhere, but this is an excellent character study on the rare military-type pony. The worldbuilding is also very well done, and epic battles scenes are promised in future chapters.

Give this story a chance, folks. If you like swords and spells with ponies, and a lot of you do given the success of Feathered Heart, then this will blow your mind!

Yes! Finally. You got me enraptured by Five Star Service almost a year ago, almost a year! I loved the world building that you masterfully did and the descriptions of current events that Five Stars' papers were having on both sides of the portal was an amazing treat. And you even left me with a spin off story idea that I am working on. I have been in mixed martial arts for eight years and I love fighting. So having the chance to combine two of my passions is a bit more than I can resist.

Since you made the H.E.R.D. attacks happen, and mentioned having the Gentlemen trained in self defense, I had the idea to make a fic following the trainers and some of the Gentlemen as they progress through their training and lives.

And I duly intend to include scenes where their training is useful. But I might have to tweak the timeline and events a bit so that the H.E.R.D. group is still active and a threat. This will add some tension and conflict to the narrative.

Oh, and I was wondering if I could have your permission to write this fic. Since you are the source inspiration for it, I kind of don't want to tresspass on your territory without consent. But I am happy to hear about Five Stars, I can't wait to read the next update. Have a great day.:twilightsmile:

I await the next chapter. Also i hope what i send you helps. I have said it before but the thing that made me like the gentlemanverse is the coexistance of the species, heck i wonder how the ponies would react to films such as Star wars, lord of the rings or back to the future, anyway good luck.


Appreciate it, thanks. And funny you should mention that... if you want to know how ponies would react to Lord of the Rings, read the latest three chapters of The Lawyer and The Unicorn. :rainbowlaugh:


Since you made the H.E.R.D. attacks happen, and mentioned having the Gentlemen trained in self defense, I had the idea to make a fic following the trainers and some of the Gentlemen as they progress through their training and lives.

Thank you for all the compliments! :pinkiehappy: By all means, do so. I'd certainly be curious to see such a story--this is still more DEL's territory than mine! I do still mean to make the HERD side story myself at some point, but I keep finding other writing projects to do.

3295562 No problem. You deserve all the praise and admiration that anyone can give. And I also asked Laharl for his permission. I just feel wrong if I play with someone else's toys without their permission, you know? But I will be sure to check out your other stories too, however Five Star Service will forever hold a special place in my egg-headed heart. Once again, thank you for this submission of literal perfection.:twilightsmile:

yeah more things to look forward to !

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