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So I've been thinking about a lot of the popular Bronies of this fandom... · 10:00pm Jul 24th, 2015

How many popular Bronies do you know who annoy you a lot?

Don't be afraid to speak up. Nobody scold the other person if they say anything about your fave Brony. This is just opinions, not literal debate.

And before you say it, I've already crossed myself off the list. Better luck next time, Rotorix! (damn your sexy avatar, you lucky f**ker!) But seriously, if I piss anyone off, say so. I can take criticism, bitches. :)

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I don't like thay doctor wolf dude. He's so annoying.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.You hate mandopony,huh.I hate no one.

Avenging Hobbits. His stories are nothing more than copy and paste from the movies he watches with little to no changes and what changes do happen are minor and pointless. Oh and did I mention that he's making the whole of DC and Marvel being in the same damn universe in his stories?

3266453 Actually, I'll tell you a secret - I don't REALLY hate Mandopony. I just say that stuff for the hell of it. It's like how Deadpool always makes fun of Wolverine, you know? But really they are best friends!

Except, well, when they're not...and me and Mandopony aren't friends...

I don't hate him. But I do find him mildly annoying at times. I swear he's thrown out a couple of the same songs on his channel this week alone.

So no. I don't really hate Mandopony. But I do find him annoying. Not 'GAH I WANNA F**KING STRANGLE THIS D**KHOLE!' annoying, but rather like, 'I wanna smack you across the face with a gentleman's white glove' kind of annoying.

3266469 Hmm...

Never was a fan of Superman. Too broken a superhero. Did you know he can make himself into a solar bomb now? Come on! Why would he EVER need to do that when he's got crazy other powers? He's VERY unlikely to lose fights now unless you've got a ton load of Kryptonite.

Myself. I really hate the sound of my own voice. Not enough James Earl Jones.

3266499 It takes a lot for me to hate someone. The best way to earn my hate is to threaten anyone I care about. Or trying to steal my sandwich.

3266503 Piss off with the self-hating. I won't stand for it. I hate seeing good people hating themselves even if over minuscule reasons or flaws. You are a wonderful person inside and out whose voice deserves to be heard, you need only speak a little louder! Now go and make the world your bitch, soldier! F**k it right in the..um...in the, ah...

Whatever it is women have! I don't know, I've seen it and until I get a girlfriend I never will. Sad face, teary-eyed, sad violin in the background, Shrek SFM model laughing at me.

F**k you, Shrek.

3266511 I will steal your sandwich,when you are hungry.:trollestia:

3266545 I downvote you for making a threat to my sandwich. XD

I'm joking. Shall I upvote your comment or will it kill the joke?

3266450 What is it about him that annoys you?

3266562 Keep it there.I don't really care.

3266564 everything. His accent annoys me ALOT :/

3266566 I don't want to look like an asshole to you or anything is all. You're okay in all my books.

Except my diary and my imaginary little black book. Which...is sadly empty...XD

3266568 Did you just change your avatar in the past fifteen minutes?

I don't know. There's a lot of bronies that annoy me that aren't popular, though.

3266728 Again, just opinions. You can't expect everyone to like the same person as you. So let her have her opinions and you have yours.

And yes. They're like brothers, they just...um...fight a bit more often and er, more violently than most brothers do...

I'm not popular, but I annoy myself sometimes... does that count? :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by BlabideeblahMLP deleted Jul 25th, 2015

I kind of hate analyst and not just in the brony fandom but all of them.it can be about games or whatever,they just annoy the shit out of me.
Something that annoy me SO MUCH with this is when they do stupid assumption like
"OH SHIT,as we can see at this scene*scope on a bunny* a bunny is eating a carrot while looking at Angel,hhmmmm i think this bunny might have a crush on him and the fact that he eat a carrot while staring at him might be an invitation to her/his bed.SHIPPING"

or people who record all of their life and run around with there cameras.(ACRacesbest)

i tried to see what was the appeal but i never liked it

Dont worry though,while i hate it i am not like those people who go on their video just to say"You suck,go get a life:flutterrage:" and some shit like that:unsuresweetie:.people who do this are stupid:ajbemused:

This guy and people who do similar stuff annoy me.

3266854 (bows politely)

My apologies.

Comment posted by The Shade deleted Jul 26th, 2015

3268913 We see none.

Other than that my name isn't a link to a previous comment since you're not replying to any.

Comment posted by The Shade deleted Jul 26th, 2015
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