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NEW EPISODE NOT PERFECT · 11:26pm Jun 27th, 2015

But Yaks no destroy because it was still pretty okay

It's so, so, SO nice that Pinkie Pie is getting such good characterization this season. This episode is pretty watchable just for that. The running gag of her monologuing about her journey got a few chuckles out of me, particularly the bit where Pinkie Pie explained the history of the Beatles in a sentence. Parental/periphery demographic bonuses for the win.

The yaks were very one-note, though, and I am pretty disappointed we didn't see Yakyakistan proper (and that it was yanked from us just before we got to see it). Still, anything after Princess Spike would have been better than Princess Spike, and this episode had enough entertainment value that I think it's worth watching just once. I think the Yaks offer some decent fanfic opportunities, as does the Party Cave and Pinkie Pie's tenure as a stand-in Ringo.

And the Wonderbolts did something helpful for once! Off screen, but still helpful.

Also, Most Underrated Milf popped up again, and I was kinda happy about that.


Comments ( 8 )

When did Cherries Jubilee pop out some offspring? :derpytongue2:

Btw I read the tags.

It took them five seasons, but the Wonderbolts finally got their chance to shine! That makes me happy, given how I've been waiting and hoping for this moment since Season 1! :twilightsmile:
Also, more Cherry Jubilee is definitely welcome! :pinkiesmile:

Anyway, I felt the same way you did about the episode. Not perfect, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Meh... the episode was ok, I guess.

The second I saw Cherry Jubilee (one of my favorite ponies) I nearly had a heart attack. It took them too long to give her more air time, limited though it was

3187888 she could be Braeburn's mom for all we know, idk

3187903 Either way, she is still sexy, and VERY under appreciated

You guys are fucking weird


The implications and her attitude and the way she carries herself in the show makes her appear a good deal older than the Mane Six. Like, around Mr. and Mrs. Cake's age. Or even older. Personal headcanon is that the Cakes are in their early to mid-30's. Cherry's early 50's.

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