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IWPFT: Chapter Four ~ Progress #1 · 10:33am Jun 18th, 2015

Hey, everyone! Last week was my finals for college so I was too busy to get any writing done, but now that I'm finished, progress has been rapid. That number up there might seem small, but it isn't including the 1,500 words I've got in a separate document (different chunk of the chapter which I haven't copy/pasted over to the primary doc yet), or the various paragraph chunks I've got in my note file.

I'm super excited to be writing again, it's been a blast. At the present rate, I think this upcoming chapter will be nearly completed by this weekend (then a few days for editing/proofreading). Not much longer now. Not much longer at all.

So, let's talk briefly about what you can expect to see in Chapter 4. First of all, the full title is The Rumors of My Insanity have been Greatly Exaggerated. We'll be moving back over to Twilight and Elder Spike, seeing the aftermath of Twilight's actions so far in the dawnverse. We'll witness some important bits of worldbuilding, and be introduced to a couple very important plot threads. It's a major chapter which sets up a lot, and I'm very excited to see the reaction to it.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be going with the family out of state for the weekend, and I'll most likely be doing a lot of pen and paper writing on the way. A nine-hour car ride tends to be a good time for that sort of thing. This same trip three years ago was the moment when I originally conceived of IWPFT and wrote the first draft, so we'll see what I can make of it this year!

With luck, I'll return from the trip all ready to type up, edit, and publish the new chapter. See you all then!

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I'll take two pounds of Derpys please. :rainbowlaugh:

Drop the 'In'. :trollestia:

Am I hallucinating? Is it, is it real?

So... any updates?

(I ask, while procrastinating my own writing.)

Not too much, sadly. Sitting around 4,000 words into the chapter right now, haven't made much forward progress in the last couple months.

I wanted to get a chapter done for the month of August, for once, but that didn't work out. I'll do my best to wrap Ch.4 up before college starts on the 30th of September.

3374923 You almost done? It's the 29th...

So whens the next update? It's almost November.

I was re-reading this fic...
I hope that The Rumors of your trip to Underworld have been Greatly Exaggerated. ;)

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