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A Strange Phenomena (also, IWPFT progress!) · 11:20am Nov 11th, 2013

(by the way, if you didn't get a change to read my Halloween post, I highly suggest it. It goes over my "return" to Fimfiction and the current plan going forward.)

So, I've noticed something weird. Ever since my blog post last week announcing my return to writing, I've been getting at least a single favorite pretty much every day, some times a couple.

This is, of course, rather strange behavior for a story that's been entirely off the radar of everything for almost a year now. After I first had to step away from Fimfiction, the number of favs per day began to drop off at a fairly steady (though diminishing) rate. If you were to graph it, it'd probably look something like this half-life chart:

Gotta love half-lives. Sadly appropriate, given the current lack of a chapter three for IWPFT.

But anyways, the number of daily favs dropped to zero quite a few months ago; it seems strange for it to suddenly start up again. My only hypothesis is that somebody important mentioned my story somewhere, perhaps on a blog post, recently. Most likely in response to that last blog I made.

Would anybody here be able to shed light on the matter? It's just something I was sorta wondering about.

But in any case...

Oh man, we're getting close! I'm excited, apprehensive, fearful, and happy, all at once! Hopefully it'll be a better season than the last one. Shouldn't be too hard.

Progress, progress, progress! I've been writing a lot the last couple weeks, and I've got a solid outline taking shape. It's mainly coloring in the lines now, then finally erasing the stray marks.

It's veterans day tomorrow (well, today, I suppose. I'm up super late and I still count this as Sunday, haha), and I don't have any school stuff to be doing. That's a lie, but we'll all pretend that I'm actually so far ahead of schedule that there's nothing to procrastinate. In any case, this means that I have a full day to do nothing but write! Yippee!

There's just one little caveat... I accidentally sprayed some cola on my keyboard earlier today, and now some of the keys are sticky. Let me tell you, there is nothing more uncomfortable in this world than a sticky space bar. I simply cannot type any IWPFT with this thing (if you've wondering, this blog isn't ten thousand words long like my chapter is).

Thankfully, there's this wondrous thing called pen and paper, which I am quite fond of. I'll just write, then move it all to the digital documents later when I get around to cleaning these keys.

Aaaaand that's basically it for now. Next blog will most likely be reporting that I've finally moved into the editing/revising/finalizing process.

Can't wait to see you all there!

I love the night time. Everything is always so peaceful at night.

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I'm totally going to pretend like it was all my doing. :trollestia:

I mentioned it in irc but don't see it having that big an impact.

So, this means you're returning to it, right?

Ugh, the keyboard is even worse this morning.
What a bother.

Oh yes, I am very much back to writing.

I've got my eye on you...

Who knows?

I had something similar happen last month with a story.

Go to your story, and click the [Stats] button, then look at the "Referrals" box.

It's good to know your favs are coming back up. I feel really stupid, but while reading this post I realized I never actually favorited IWPFT.:twilightoops: So now you have one more fave. Not that mine really matter, you've known I'm a fan. I've been with you this whole time. Even more reason to feel like an idiot.:facehoof:

I hate sticky keyboards. I try to keep liquids away from my computer, so I've never had a spill, but I have used school keyboards that were sticky:raritydespair:... it's even worse when you don't actually KNOW what the sticky substance is:pinkiesick:...

Pencil and paper are always an excellent alternative. Good luck!:twilightsmile:

P.S. I hate it when you write a comment or something, and then your browser crashes, and you have to rewrite the ENTIRE thing.:facehoof:

I noticed that you fav'd the story earlier today, I think it's hilarious that you never did so before.

Yeah,sticky keyboards suck. This is my first time doing it to this laptop, so it's a fairly new experience for me. I've wiped it down and stuff, so it's a bit better now, but it's still sticky enough to be noticeable. A friend is lending me a USB keyboard of his that I can just plug into the laptop, so I'll be using that for now.

Oh by the way, while re-reading the first couple chapters earlier today, I noticed some awkward sentences that I think I'm going to revise/edit at some point. I'll try and save that for after chapter three is out, but it's definitely something I'll be doing real quick at some point soon. Don't worry, I keep backups of all versions of the chapters, and I'll keep the old versions available somewhere for anyone interested in seeing how things have changed. Most of what I'll be fixing will just be little grammar and sentence flow things though, so no one will miss the old stuff at all.

Ultimately once chapter three is out the door, I'd like to send this story to EqD and shoot for a feature. I think it'd be a nice way to make a strong return and get some fresh new readers in the process. Editing the first couple chapters to bring them up to snuff will be an important part of that. I have no doubt that IWPFT's opening chapters in their present forms would be rejected by EqD's notoriously perfectionist prereaders.

P.S. I hate it when you write a comment or something, and then your browser crashes, and you have to rewrite the ENTIRE thing.:facehoof:

Oh yeah, I know the feeling.
It always sucks when that happens.

1509174 Good luck with EQDaily. I used to be a big fan of them, but after seening so many incredible authors be turned down, not because of bad stories, but because of the pre-readers' personal tastes, I don't care for them any more.:ajbemused: So good luck, but don't feel to down if they don't accept you. It's not you, it's them.:twilightsmile:

Still, it is good to go back and fix the original chapters' errors. New readers will be happy, and, unless you make some huge changes, I don't think any of us will be too upset.:twilightsheepish:

Are you planning to release at the same time as Season 4?:trollestia:

The present plan is to publish the chapter right on or maybe within a day or two after S4 premiers.
Given my present rate of writing, and taking into account that it might take a couple days to run things through the editing process (I've got some authors who have generously offered to help preread the chapter), it'll probably be around Friday or Saturday when I can upload it.

1517808 Sweet. Good Luck...


Sorry, lost my cool there.:twilightsmile:

I'll do my very best not to disappoint.
It'll be so nice to be back to publishing chapters. I've missed the feeling of going to bed and waking up in the morning with lots of comments to read.

1521230 I have now officially started rereading IWPFT... again. I can't believe I forgot the whole shape-demon-dream-plot. It seems like it would be hard to forget.:twilightsheepish: I can't wait to find out more about this thing. I almost kind of want to try my hand at fan art of it...


Good Luck!:twilightsmile:

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