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    Griffinstone (some spoilers)

    *watches episode*

    Meh, I like Griffinhiem and Victoria better.

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    Earth chapter

    Okay, I'm currently taking a break from the main story before I start Book 2. However, I am doing extra chapters, I have a few ideas in the works, but I also have a question.

    If I do a chapter from the view of someone back on Earth, who do you want it to be?

    I have a list to help narrow it down, but feel free to suggest others

    Ghetsis sorry, forgot he was crazy

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    Okay, a lot of you have been pointing out that I haven't marked A New World as complete yet, and well... here's the thing, I was going to publish Book 2 under the same story, just... time skipped. I have... several reasons for this... but what do you guys think? Relabel some chapters and continue posting under A New World, or make a new story for Book 2?

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    You guys were right

    I just got denied by EQD again. Judging from the comments on my last blog, I guess I failed at everything else to make the premise useless...

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    Here we go again

    I just submitted A New World to Equestria Daily for the second time, fingers crossed that they accept it this time.

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Griffinstone (some spoilers) · 7:12pm May 23rd, 2015

*watches episode*

Meh, I like Griffinhiem and Victoria better.

Don't get me wrong, I like the.... I liked that Gilda came back, wasn't to big a fan if the episode itself... or how it portrayed Griffins without a magical artifact affecting their nature... or how the 'Kingdom' looked... or how it's apparently part of Equestria, or maybe Equestria's the name of the planet?... Or how they failed to get the idol back from the Cyclops/goat

... yeah, this was a miss for me aside from Gilda coming back.

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I don't think it was the magical artifact.
I think that was just a placebo to get the griffons to unite over something.

I personally liked they missed the relic in the end. It gives a nice show of character for Gilda, that she cares more about Dash and Pinkie, I suspect mostly Dash, than some old rusty trophy. It is a nice moment for Gilda to redeem herself in the show and I honestly loved the world building.
Also as Miss Appolonia said, it was revealed in the end, that the artifact wasn't magical, but merely something the griffons could unite under. Now that Gilda will start to spread friendship, and hopefully succeed, there will be no need for that old relic.

That is a rather distinct possibility I had yet to consider actually

This is a problem we all have to face as members of any fandom, that any world building we head canon we be ruined by new episodes.

I like that they brought Gilda back but I do not like the world-building and the rust bucket idol...........:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

I guess we can all agree that this is a griffon kingdom, not the griffon kingdom. There are other pony states that are not Equestria. So there can be griffon kingdoms that are not Griffonstone.
Another question, if they are a part of Equestria, why did Princess Sunshine not do anything? The whole affair doesn't seem like a very recent problem. Maybe they are a semi-independent nation like the Crystal Empire?

This whole world circles around ponies, the chosen species, and what they think is right. You can't deny that ponies press their hoofmarks onto everything. Anyone not playing by their rules is a villain until they play by their rules.

Yes, I too was under the impression that Griffons were more of a vikiceltigermanic-ish species. The names of Griffons in MLP media alone indicate that. Gilda and Giselle are germanic names. Gregor is a name that was often used by us Germans. Gustav is a scandinavian name (though Frenched as Gustave here). Also, Gilda would be a fabulous valkyrie.


Gonna use Griffinstone for the story?

3091773 hmmm that does makes sense as to why griffonstone was such an dump but why they didn't just asked the other Griffon nations for help, surely there some ally willing to help keep the peace and order I mean did you see the state of the place! it looks like an war zone .............unless sunbutt had something to do with it

Pride, probably? You saw how they acted. I don't think they would have accepted other griffon's help either.
Gilda was all about pride and coolness in her first episode.

3091812 Perhaps...............since we talking how the Griffons acted in the show they probably asked bits for every little thing............. take the griffon that Rainbow was with for example

help throw me the rope

got any bits???


see ya

wait help me!!!!!!

A few ideas could be used, like the ciclops goat, that was awesome, but I too prefer this world's vercion better.

3092785 Griffinhiem is what Griffinstone would be if they could come together without the help of a great treasure.

I personally think that they can be two separate kingdoms though.

You know, there may be other Griffon civilizations besides Griffonstone.

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