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    Earth chapter

    Okay, I'm currently taking a break from the main story before I start Book 2. However, I am doing extra chapters, I have a few ideas in the works, but I also have a question.

    If I do a chapter from the view of someone back on Earth, who do you want it to be?

    I have a list to help narrow it down, but feel free to suggest others

    Ghetsis sorry, forgot he was crazy

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Earth chapter · 4:39pm May 20th, 2015

Okay, I'm currently taking a break from the main story before I start Book 2. However, I am doing extra chapters, I have a few ideas in the works, but I also have a question.

If I do a chapter from the view of someone back on Earth, who do you want it to be?

I have a list to help narrow it down, but feel free to suggest others

Ghetsis sorry, forgot he was crazy
Maxie reformed
Archie reformed
Lysandre dead
Cyrus dead
Az reformed
Evelyn Gene, we talked about this
um... okay I see a problem here... maybe a meeting between whoever remains of the Evil teams?

Just... vote, suggest, do it!

Report zeusdemigod131 · 1,277 views · Story: A New World, a New Way ·
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Giovanni obvioulsy :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Have faust walk around Earth and monologue her thoughts

Okay, did you gather from the last chapter I posted that Faust is not the Goddess of Equus?

I would like to see how Giovanni will react when his main money source suddenly disappears^^

Not sure if Paul really counts as "evil". Sure he is a as*****. But compared to others, he wasn't so bad. I think he is not really evil, but really embittered.

Giovanni, of course.

The way it looks, you yourself have pretty much narrowed it down to Giovanni after pretty much marking all the real contenders out.
Even without that, I'd still vote for him anyway

3083324 I don't know. Giovanni is an iffy character. If you read Pokemon Adventures, you'd know that Silver is his son. Or do you not read that.

Also, when is Jesse and James and Meowth(Team Rocket) coming? I thought they were nice!

The Giovanni seems as the best choice anyway. He Was always curiously portrayed in the games, making him more logical villain with the simplest of goals (money). And some of random grunts from all of the groups and teams would also be a nice thing.

3083324 whoops completely forgot that at XD


and I see you took my advice

I think it should be Paul. I never really thought of him as a bad guy, just... Uneducated. Didn't know Pokemon were more than tools. I think other villains knew Pokemon were more than tools, but ignored the fact.

3083341 I agree. Paul may have been callous, but in no way was he a bad person; certainly not someone who'd get left behind.

3083324 Well, we never did learn that mare's name, or did I miss it?

Anyway, I don't know if this is a good idea, at least as far as the story's concerned. Having a chapter dedicated to events back on Earth would be dark. Really, really dark. So dark the story would need the Dark tag, in fact. but if you've got something clever in mind, then by all means have at it.

Honestly I always thought that Giovanni had been slightly reformed by the end of the first game, I could be remembering it wrong but doesn't he give Red a speech about how little he's accomplished as a Team Rocket boss after you beat his Gym and then he goes on to retire in peace or something?

Some of the criminals like Giovanni or Ghetsis. I guess Paul, then?

3083419 I don't know, I mean they were only trying to do what they genuinely thought was right like N, plus they did realise heir mistake and tried to better their organisations because of it. That kind of make me think that those two might have a chance to get to Equestria.

What about the Shadow Triad? They remained loyal to Ghetsis even after he went completely insane.

And Colress. I mean, it would kind of be a stretch to call him evil, but he definitely doesn't care much for morals.

Of all the ones listed, you crossed out all but 2 I know. Plus, Ghetsis wasn't crazy he was selfish, like Giovanni except with pokemon. Unless something was revealed in BW2... Plus you need to mark Giovanni out as well. He reforms after his defeat at the hands of a ten year old.

Neither......N would be nice. And if not....Giovanni.

You want me to leave N on Earth?

An introspective Giovanni as he tries to unite those left behind in a desperate, iron-fisted bid to survive a broken world, and each other.


Well, I could see him wanting the Pokemon to live in a nice environment and claiming that Earth is home.

But that's just me....

Gah, ive been reading too much "Ashes to the Past".....i keep on thinking of Giovani as "not really evil"...

I thought Paul learned his lesson and started treating his Pokemon better tho.

And I think Giovanni would definitely be the best choice


What about the normal populace? WIll they be seen?

3084080 Sev always fought for a worthy cause, unlike Giovanni.

I doubt I can be of much help, I ignore what this will be exactly about.

But I would like to suggest this: don't kill anyone.

As someone said once, dead is more rest than a punishment.

Besides of that, give your best, but above all. have fun.

Looking forward to this.

You read that as well?
I love that story!

(It's up to chapter 115 already. Can you believe it?)

yep, and i'm pretty sure Zeus reads it too

Meeting between the evil leaders! It sounds awesome.
Edit: Also, please don't leave Maxie on earth (he is the one with the Groudon thing right) I don't know if you've played Omega Ruby, but Maxie does reform.

Oh for the love of... the reformed thing means they made it to Equus! That's Archie, Maxie, Az, N, and tentatively Colress

Really? Why didn't malva make it to the poke rapture?

... was it mentioned where Evelyn is? If she's remained on earth or is she on equus?

Oh she made it, Gene's just begin a hard ass about it

I reckon Paul's POV would be awesome.

Autocorrect can go to hell

3085377 Evelyn made it, Gene is just being stupid about that particular fact

Greevil, from Pokemon XD!

>No Pokemon Colesseum and XD villains
They never get the attention they deserve ;_;

A meeting between all the notable figures still on Earth would be a great bit of supplement. But I don't think there'd be much to do with a chapter about Giovanni. I mean, he's been in hiding for near a decade as far as canon says. Unless you cook up some angle as for what he's been doing and the exodus actually has some major implication with those plans, not much to tell about him.

Giovanni just cause I'm more familiar with him.

Well if Cyrus isn't dead.... he may just be trapped in the distortion realm, though most likely he's either starved to death, or been killed by a roaming Giratina!

Comment posted by The Great Zoroark deleted Jun 27th, 2015

A meeting would be so cool!

~ The Great Zoroark

The pokedex holders from the manga!
Actually, i'm doing a story bout that, though i will stop if you will put them in Equus!

Ooh, glad i found this. Id say Giovanni, but the suggestion of yours at the end their is pretty neat as well.

He's have to have been doing good things, or he won't be on Equis

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