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    You guys were right

    I just got denied by EQD again. Judging from the comments on my last blog, I guess I failed at everything else to make the premise useless...

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    I just submitted A New World to Equestria Daily for the second time, fingers crossed that they accept it this time.

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You guys were right · 11:10pm Apr 18th, 2015

I just got denied by EQD again. Judging from the comments on my last blog, I guess I failed at everything else to make the premise useless...

Report zeusdemigod131 · 1,121 views · Story: A New World, a New Way ·
Comments ( 33 )

Hey don't feel down. Sure, your story wasn't approved by EQD. But I believe, no your fans believe that your story is pretty well written and awesome. :pinkiehappy:

EQD is over rated from what I hear. I've been following your story since I first heard about it. And I'll say it's one if the better crossover fanfic/fimfic I've read before joining both fanfiction and fimfiction. Don't get down, you even have a fan club or should I dear say, fandom following your work.

Don't let it get to you. We're all here for ya.

And this is why I never touch that sites Url

Don't worry about. I really like your story, and looking at the likes I'm not the only one. And remember that it's very hard to get on EQD with an HiE-fic. Even if the said human is not human anymore.
Also I don't know how important EQD is for fanfiction now. Before FimFiction was as big as it is now I could understand that getting a fic posted on EQD was important. But now most fiction-reading bronies probably look at the front page of FimFiction to find something interesting. Also is the search-engine here way better than the strange ctrl-f thingie EQD has for its fics.

2995118 I second this. Their playing favorites and their inconsistency when it came to the kinds of stories and their quality is what ultimately turned me off from using their website. The only thing I use EQD for anymore or to find episode stream links for new episodes.

i havent read your storie yet its been stuck in my read latter folder but ive read the first chapter and i can say EQD can fuck themself...except the comics thase are funny

That is sad. But you know that was a possibility, more been this the second try.

EQD look for and receive specific content after all. And let's face it; in this story, Ponies are merely the conduct for it to exists, as more of it is mainly based on the Pokemon side. You can change most of the setting, lets say for example Little Pets Shop, and things would most likely be the same.

However, I ask: does that make this story, all of this stories bad?

My answer is no.

This is a unique kind of story, a messy sorry on some ways, but very unique all the same. I can tell for myself that I do deliver as much passion and dedication as I can possibly give, and would venture to say all of the other writers do that as well. If I can also dare to sound rude and direct right now, I would say that feeling bad about this is the wrong thing to do.

Yes, is depressing. But is not the end of the world, let alone of this work.

I say we make this story grow even further, beyond the expectations any of us may have and made a name by ourselves.

Been sincere though, I doubt EQD will let us join all the same, as I said, they do have their own topics, but if we work hard and keep this up, and only up, we can give this a place in the internet, you Zeus, can give this work a name of itself.

This is of course, what I humbly think.

So tell me: what do you think?

Is this the end?

Do they not know they insult the son of Zeus?
Because you're a demigod, not a full god.

Bah, you don't need them...
we all know how awesome you are already

EQD seems to be more fickle then the tides when it comes to what stories they accept and deny... case and point- the 'human' tag is an automatic denial for a lot of stories without the guy even reading it, before and after Equestria girls was a thing.

It amazes me they won't except your story especially when it is one of the highest rated stories on this site.

There are other fan fiction sites out there you can check out. Hell I found this story via TV Tropes (not even a fan fiction site).

Recommend submitting the story to fanfiction.net (far more accepting of crossovers and you can get a few readers from both MLP and Pokémon fans there I'm sure).

There are also a few others as well.

Don't let it get to you, zeus. Like I said in the last blog, you've got plenty of support here on fimfiction, and that's all you need to be happy. :twilightsmile:

I would also like to take this as an opportunity to further push my suggestion of having Satoshi Tajiri and Lauren Faust intervening and double teaming against Arceus to make him return everything to normal, complete with divine mental breakdowns when Arceus realizes that he himself has a creator. :pinkiecrazy:

Equestria daily has very high standards. DOn't beat yourself up about it Zeus. You still rock.

:ajbemused: Yes, because I want to use a meta-crisis arc to completely collapse my entire story universe.

I would just like to point out that having neither a crossover nor a human tag will give you an automatic denial.
Case and point: this story that was featured two days ago, that has both tags.

Zeus, Crossovers are very hard to get accepted. EqD posts stories that they believe are accessible to a major audience, not a niche audience. It is very difficult to write a crossover that doesn't automatically turn people off. Now I haven't read ANW,ANW myself, but I'm guessing that it contains lots of content that is assumed knowledge of the Pokémon world. If there isn't a problem with your grammar/structure/formatting/other mechanics, that'll be what's stopping the story.

Also, if you didn't get any feedback from them, take it from me, a 9x featured author there; they want you to ask questions. Don't be afraid to respond to the rejection email about what exactly is wrong with it. You might be surprised.

Trust me, Zeus. With how EQD works, it's not even worth it some times.
I stopped going to that sight because their opinion on things are skewered towards quality. If something's not perfect, then they don't want it. Sadly...

2995498 Meta is love. Meta is life. :pinkiecrazy:

But if you already have an ending in mind yourself, then feel free to ignore my ramblings.


but I'm guessing that it contains lots of content that is assumed knowledge of the Pokémon world. If there isn't a problem with your grammar/structure/formatting/other

The latter is actually the bigger issue from what I can tell.

2995531 Like I said. As fickle as the tides.

Nothing fickle about having high standards.

ANW,ANW didn't make the cut for (insert issue(s) here) and it's as simple as that. It all comes down to author willingness to correct or not correct said issues. If it's not worth it to Zeus to ask for elaboration, or use possible already-given critique to fix the story for the sake of it, then there's no real harm.

Having a fic with many upvotes means nothing either. An Affliction of the Heart and The Golden Armor both have double the votes of ANW,ANW and neither will make EqD simply because they are filled with holes and other issues that the authors have decided aren't worth fixing. And honestly, once a story hits such a huge rating/viewership as this one and others like it, is the feature even really that important?

Bah, I'm rambling now. As an outsider, I might just say, "Don't worry about getting this story on EqD. Try with another that would have a noticeable benefit from a feature." I've seen stories make it there that had less than 20 votes total at the time, by people with under 20 followers. They are the ones who most benefit from features. ANW,ANW is iconic enough and highly read, and that is a success in itself. I mean, it's spawned a whole bunch of recursive fanfiction already. That's pretty awesome.

2995377 That's actually where I found ut over a year ago.

2995498 Oh no. That'd work surprisingly well as a bonus chapter if you feel you need to update. Or even a side arc where a psychiatrist has to come in to help him with his long, long overdue midlife crisis.

Also, care to explain why you got denied?

Mainly cause it's a crossover and I didn't do a good job with explaining Pokemon to people who don't know it

2995961 Wait, you're telling me you ACTUALLY had to explain pokemon?

Isn't that like one of THE universal constants?

That's just freaking stupid.

It probably isn't any comfort but it's their loss. I've loved this story from the moment I heard the concept and it easily ranks in my top 5 favourite Pony fics. They're missing out on a Fuckton of awesome.

EQD rarelly passes things with humans in them , and if said humans are main characters of the story and focuss is on them instead of being purelly pony-centric, it almost always fails. there is also that level of luck, I am not shure how that works, bu I know people got passed after fourth or third submission of the same fic without any rdits between. It miggt depend on who is evaluating your fic.

EQD has shit taste anyway. Just don't bother with those guys, they're mostly don't know what good fics are.

2995568 which meta though, VGC, or Smogon?

Really? How could EQD deny you? This isn't just to make you feel better but I've seen many, MANY, fictions put onto that site and if any fiction I know is deserving of it it's yours. Everyday after school the first thing I do is turn on my computer and see if it's updated. Please know that the fans who you've known for the duration of your amazing story know that you're an awesome writer. Some of us look up to you as their favorite writer on this website. I know I do. The ability you have to write is unbelievable. Every time I read a chapter I notice the time, detail, effort, creativity, intelligence and knowledge put into each and every page. Overall that, you've inspired SO many authors to right spinoffs of your fiction. Your fans put their love for your writing into their own. I've only rarely seen times where a fiction influences a community like this. Please keep up the good work.

2995498 you could always make it into a crack-chapter for fun. doesn't even have to be canon.

2995961 also they say ever chapter has to be over 3000 words when most ad age is over 1000 who write Muti chapters

EQD is bullshit. From what I heard they used to be good, then something happened with the people who review the stories.

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