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Equestria Daily: The Clicking Game · 1:37am May 23rd, 2015

Game of the year, all the clicks fit to click

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Lol at "Hire Knighty" then Fire Knighty and How he and the analysis ponies reduce your site quality. Some pointed commentary, perhaps? :trixieshiftright:

Okay I beat the game. Apparently marrying Trixie destroys your efficiency.

3089722 All meant in the best of spirits of course!!

Your game is bad and you should feel bad!

Lucky I'm on mobile for the next three days, so I can't cheat in enough trixies to overflow the counter.:trixieshiftleft:

BEST clicking game, because it's funny and makes you do stupid things!

why iz only one Trixie, Blueshift? WHY?

I considered incorporating spirits into my life when Knighty changed EqD. :unsuresweetie:

It was worth firing Knighty just so I could steal that little girl's magic the gathering card.

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