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    Halloween Surprise

    Hello to all. As some of you already know, I am also a musician by trade, and I've had my hands in the audio production pot as well. And I know that some of you have followed me for a long time, a number of you popping up since the "It's Complicated" story has come to a close. And tonight's midnight surprise is all about that. So allow me to say for the first time to all of you:

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    Important News

    So as some of you know, my laptop took a brutal spill over a week ago. And as a result, my hard drive gave it's last breath and the motherboard has suffered damage where I can't even install a copy of Windows 10 from boot menu. So yeah, I might've bought an internal ssd for no good reason. But in other news:


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    Dire Straights... Yay

    They often say that when it rains, it pours. So I'll try to keep this brief and fill you in on the details.

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    Story's Out!

    So I have finally finished the first few chapters of the It's Complicated spinoff. Yet another dumb title to be had. Having that said, go give it a read and give me your personal opinions.

    Also, some characters may have gotten reworked in terms of appearance.

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    Color prompts!

    So I know that there a bunch of new users to the site. And by new, I mean those who usually sign up to be an author like sometime during the reaches of Season 7 onward, maybe you joined after the show ended, or perhaps you're like me and signed on when a user BronyStories was still doing the Rule 34 Paheal posts, updating those at least once a month with the numbers of where pony fit into the

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Medical Hiatus · 2:20am Feb 3rd, 2015

I've came down with a horrible fever and I've been dizzy for the past 2 days with no signs of improvement. Getting out of my bed has been difficult, even now I struggle to write this. The only thing I've been doing is stumbling around the house for everything I need. My thought process has been broken since Saturday night, and Sunday was way worse. I've had abundant migraines as well. Sweating is not working out either. Some of you have been writing comments that I want to respond to, but I'm too disoriented to read them.

So no more updates until I can get back on my feet. Wish me well.

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Comments ( 6 )

hope you get better soon


Sorry, Caps lock was on :facehoof:

Anyways, Take your time and get better my man :).

Get better soon man. Have a speedy recovery.

Get well soon.

I hope you are able to feel better soon. Not because of the story, but I really hope you get better soon.

dude, your health is more valuable then writing a story to entertain us. get some rest... and possibly medical help.
I'm also very behind on your story, so i apologize.

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