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Dire Straights... Yay · 3:46am July 30th

They often say that when it rains, it pours. So I'll try to keep this brief and fill you in on the details.

So these past two weeks have been busier than anticipated. Lots of things are in transition for me irl, but with the transitions have come unwanted hardships. As of last week, I had to replace an aging air unit that went out during the heat wave. So that set me back a good 2 grand (joy). Now it has dawned on me this morning that my laptop has given its last breath after dealing with a bitter fall during a workshop past night. So yeah... can't exactly afford to replace that at the moment, thanks to the ac unit i just replaced last week.

I wanted to take some time to write this upcoming week, but that seems to be a no for the forseeable future. I can try to do it on my phone, but it's tedious and distracting to my flow and style. So again, sorry, no new chapter for a while.

I hate to be like this, but I'm at a point where I need my laptop because it's my hub of creativity, in writing and music. Without it, I'll be in pretty dire straights. And heavens knows that I hate having to request charity, but I am truly at a loss with no other suitable alternatives.

So here it goes.

If I can raise $700, I can get back to work almost immediately. I'm not going to ask for more than that because I feel it would be too much. The rest I can manage. This is what I'm trying to go for, it best fits my budget and it doesn't sacrifice on performance where i need it most.

I hate begging, many know that I haven't once outsourced during hard times, but my work is dependent on mobility. Any amount is appreciated, and I understand if this is something you cannot do under any circumstances. Your support is appreciated, even sans a donation.

So maybe i can do musical commissions for you guys, since that's what I do best. Just don't be surprised if it turns out to be orchestral or a little jazzy. Jingles also are a thing I can do. So anything to help pay for this, I'll do. Just pm me and we can discuss modes of payment/donations. I'd feel really crappy for taking money and dipping, it's happened to me before and I don't want to leave anyone in that position.

Again, I can't thank you enough.

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