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    Griffinstone (some spoilers)

    *watches episode*

    Meh, I like Griffinhiem and Victoria better.

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    Earth chapter

    Okay, I'm currently taking a break from the main story before I start Book 2. However, I am doing extra chapters, I have a few ideas in the works, but I also have a question.

    If I do a chapter from the view of someone back on Earth, who do you want it to be?

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    Ghetsis sorry, forgot he was crazy

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    Okay, a lot of you have been pointing out that I haven't marked A New World as complete yet, and well... here's the thing, I was going to publish Book 2 under the same story, just... time skipped. I have... several reasons for this... but what do you guys think? Relabel some chapters and continue posting under A New World, or make a new story for Book 2?

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    You guys were right

    I just got denied by EQD again. Judging from the comments on my last blog, I guess I failed at everything else to make the premise useless...

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    Here we go again

    I just submitted A New World to Equestria Daily for the second time, fingers crossed that they accept it this time.

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Story challenges · 4:11am Jun 30th, 2014

Hello Everybody, pony and 'mon, I have a proposition for you.

"Ohhh, a proposition, do tell."

Quiet you, anyway, my editor/assistant/Number 1 tdnpony recently came up with the idea to put out some ideas for anyone who wanted to try their hand.

"Or hoof."

... at writing a New World story, but couldn't think of an idea, and since I'm all open for new stories... Thread link

"Hmm, quite an interesting premise."

How many of you are in my house?

"You'll never know."

Anyway, while I go try and find more Legendary Pokemon in my house,why don't you see of the idea is something you'd like to write, or not. Zeus out.

Report zeusdemigod131 · 2,050 views · Story: A New World, a New Way ·
Comments ( 8 )

Is this a mind exercise, or can these be actually used on a story?

Aside of that, I consider this to be a great idea.
Can help us develop our imagination and see what kind of scenarios each of us can bring.

Unless I am reading something wrong, please let it not be that.

2244899 these can actually be used to write a story.

2244918 Why thank you, I will make good use of it :yay:

Good luck with the pokemon

Well aren't you a Busy Bee Zeus.

I was actually thinking of my own fic. However, I don't know if it will be canon to your universe. I don't currently know the state of Giovanni or his Pokemon, and it will involve two or three of his.

Basically it goes like this, Nidoking and Nidoqueen, Giovanni's, of course, find themselves together in Equestria. They are no longer Shadow Pokemon, and have literally no idea what to do with their new-found freedom. They a pony very similar to Giovanni shows up. Apathetic and easily angered, High Rise recruits them into his plan, to basically destroy all organized crime in a major city, that hasn't been decided yet. Suspicious of High Rise, but needing someone to follow, they help him take down the PONY MAFIA and learn that freedom is something that is and always has been within their reach.
Basically self discovery and crime fighting.

2248234 I never really considered Giovanni's Pokemon, but if they were enslaved(and I assume you mean Team Cipher Shadow Pokemon) then Arceus probably wouldn't leave them trapped like that.

How about a displaced who is turned into his cosplay? The cosplay would be humanoid but not a human. Basically something to troll Arceus with.

Heh. I just read a chapter in a story where High Rise is the leader of a police force, but he's corrupt.

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