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    Saturday, September 13, 4pm

    We've decided something at Team Jericho.
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Important: I need *You* for new Jericho Coverart Suggestions! · 9:14pm Jun 17th, 2014

So. The other day I get a message from the guy who does my coverart. He says he wants to do another coverart for Jericho, as he is unhappy with the current one, and thinks he can do better. (I personally still adore the one we got, but that is besides the point to him) However, he states that I only have a few days to compile proper notes for a commission and that it must include a villain.

I myself am sort of at the lost for what, exactly, to request. So I ask you, good readers and other ne'er-do-wells, what do you want to see from a Jericho coverart?

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Any time frame from within the story or is there a certain section you want suggestions from?

Moar Cards and Lightning Dust.:derpytongue2:

No, I don't think so. Anything you feel appropriate. (I was thinking Elkington or Korweit being the villains shown.)

Noted. Stalin might have reservations against my idea of Jericho beating a Cards-plushie with the whiffleball bat, but Cards still crying with terror, however.

You could have one-eyed Jericho standing in front of the stained glass window that was described in the temple where he became whole again.

Hmmm It must have Cards in some kind of torment, but well thats a given.:pinkiecrazy: I think Korweit definitely should be in it. I also wouldn't mind Lightning Dust being there somewhere. I also think that the cards (Jericho the joker, Cards the crazy, ect.) Should be prominent in it. Like if they were in the background so it gives it like a stained glass window in a church kind of feel to it. :twilightsmile:

Stained glass is a neat idea...

Random idea: Jericho is sort of standing as he is in current coverart, but in a church thing or something (the room he found Snechta in before the spell) with stained glass windows depicting events from the story in MLP fashion, and the end of the wall is broken away to reveal either the Crystal Empire or Canterlot or something burning and in ruins. Cards and LD and Luna can be in the flesh with Jericho (as can the true secret unrevealed true villain, which is for whom C was working in Calêrhos)
Or some variation thereof.

2214665 I like! Which events do you think are going to be on the windows? You should totally have the Jayne the Terror Train and Frosty Winds scene on it. lol :pinkiecrazy:
I'm not sure which city should be burning,there's to many to chose from. Maybe Sleepy Oaks?
Edit: (God I should reread this story! I'm Forgetting everything!)

Closeup to Jericho's face with his trademark Jericho-smirk™, with broken horn and eyepatch/sewn shut eye lid. In the reflection of his open eye is some villan(I couldn't decide on who), and left and right in the background are his comrades, Cards, Luna, etc. (maybe even Jayne the Terror Train!)

Keep it simple, Jericho and Elkington either facing towards or away from each other. Keep Jericho looking like he does near the start of the story(no reason to spoil any changes that happen throughout the story. Having Jericho and Elkington facing towards or away from each other keeps the viewer/new reader at guessing the relationship the two have.
This keeps the picture uncluttered and it doesn't spoil anything.

Stalin really puts your balls to the grindstone, eh? :derpytongue2:
Not a lot of artists I know demand to re-do the cover of a story.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to it! :twilightsmile:

Obviously it needs to be Jericho riding a demonic locomotive into a gigantic Cherrypillar while Cards is being attacked by zombie versions of her dead family and single friend.

Maybe Elkington can be riding in the caboose, happlily writing shipfics between himself and Sunbutt.

I only have a few days to compile proper notes for a commission and that it must include a villain.

All this talk of Elkington, and Korweit, and C, and Jayne belies the real antagonist, the éminence grise that puppets both the King of Slaves and the Queen of Graves. They are the the Waffles, wellspring of the False Sight and avatar of the Worm of Lies. .

The legions of lying, scheming, waffles all massing 'round on breakfast plates across Equestria, watching, judging, spying, waiting... Equestria grows weak and complacent while the hour of the Waffles draws nigh... Jericho and his fellow Teutcher Confessors sought to hunt the Waffles down and blot them out from under Celestia's sun. The Teutchers plotted well—but the Waffles plotted too. And Waffles are the best of plotters.

iunno, but i feel it should feature C somehow, he's too cool to pass up

Damn, this is the worst time to be caught with artist's block. Maybe a picture of Jericho with his cybernetic eye in the forefront and his acquaintances in the background but faded. Possibly throw his human form in there too?

2214665 As an idea for something you might add is Jericho looking up to a mostly destroyed stained glass with Luna and Lightning Dust hovering in the upper half while Cards struggling to climb up to the ledge where he is standing with the city of your choice in the background while the only part that is still intact portion of the glass can be the part of the mosaic that contains the face and upper torso of the villain or C with dark red eyes.

Edit: Maybe have the glass shattered in three places with Luna and Lighting Dust looking over a respective city burning while the background for Card's section might be a pile of dead bodies on fire in her home town.

Jericho standing one eyed, hornless, and with C's leg in the foreground, the entire background is C's creepy slasher grin and glowing eyes.

That sounds epic.

How about a shadowy silhouette of C with a sinister grin in the background, Jericho standing center-ish striking his "winners don't do drugs" pose, Luna standing next to him on his left facehoofing, cards to his right with a sad expression, and Elkington to Luna's left with a look of reserved anger/annoyance , looking toward's Jericho. :raritywink:

I wish i could help, but I ain't creative for shit. Sorry!

Honestly, I just have a mental image of Jericho, Snechta, Cards, Elkington, heck practically ever pony Jericho has interacted with in a significant or amusing way (make sure to include a crystal mare in a maid outfit or two) seated on Jayne the train. Have Cards totally breaking down, Lightning trying miserably to seduce Jericho, Elkington glaring, Cherry Berry being......Cheery Berry, the maid(s) looking traumatised, basically every pony freaking out in some way but Jericho is sitting/standing casually like 'This shit happens all the time to me'.
Because it does.

Seeing as you need an actual villain have Skinwalker C looming over everypony at the back of the train with his creepy ass grin. It would be pretty chaotic, but then, so is Jericho.

Ohh ohh, make sure you include that cultist mare that Jericho killed recently lying dead, though perhaps not too graphically. I still almost can't believe he did that.

2214665 Yesssss.

Mayhap have a dark background, with a smile too big for it's mouth (hue), with the Jericho, his iron cross hanging out, with the blue-eyed mare behind him, all...Spirt-y. Cards and LD could be in the background...

Think Star-Wars.

2215426 While you have a good point, I think we're still not hitting the true heinous villain in the story. The bogtopi.

What we need is Jericho standing on a hill surrounded by a legion of bogtopi, with Luna, Lightning Dust, and Duke Elkington clinging to his legs as Cards cowers in the background while Jericho levitates his sword, with C's face replacing the sky. Maybe the hill can be made up of the ponies that he's killed intermingled with the lying waffles.

jerichos version of celestia ordering the viewer to prepare their anus, as a gaggle(?) of clowns lear ominously from behind her, holding up random phallic shaped tools of their trade.
honestly cant think much beyond murderous grins, knives and blood splatters for suggestions. and i also sound insane at the moment. yup

*** this post is now where it should be, as i have no idea how the internet works o.o

Jericho looking at somewhere near the camera so that a shadow falls on the side of his face where the cyber-eye is installed that's glowing ominously, maybe Cards depicted as a mosaic that's got cracks on it or something.
Of course the Cross must be depicted somewhere, maybe between mosaics or something.

Though I guess that this' pretty late, with what having only a few days to compile proper notes.

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