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If you close your eyes, it's like nothing's ever changed.

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  • 503 weeks
    Spam be Damned

    I said I was gonna do it, and I did it. Not my best run, but I have had worse attempts.

    Sursum Aeternum!
    -Jet Howitzer

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  • 503 weeks
    I am the make Movie-Film

    First, I am making some progress in regards to writing. Fireflies is more than likely next to get an update, and then some of my other works.

    In other news, I'm going to start doing some recordings of myself playing some games I like, along with commentary. Because I can. And I think that it's fun.

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    Democracy: Probably a Dictatorship

    Well, dear readers, I've reached a smidgen of a snag when it comes to Fireflies. Not anything too dramatic, it's still going to be written, and things of that nature. So, don't worry about me abandoning it, or something like that. I'm not that much of a tosser... Most of the time.


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  • 511 weeks
    I am now 23

    The title says it all, people.
    As of today, July 4, 2014 I am 23 years of age.

    Please, hold your applause, and just throw money. Can't buy shit with applause.

    Sursum Aeternum!
    -Jet Howitzer

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    A Tale of Two Stories

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
    There are two tales that I would like to shamelessly endorse, now, and here they are:

    Distant Memories

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I know I just made a blog, but srsly, I made two artz, and I think they're quite good · 4:14am May 6th, 2014

The first one:

And the second one, same as the first, but no text.

Sorry for the gratuitous blogging, I'll stop until I have something actually worth saying.

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Comments ( 18 )

What an ego booster you are.


I try, man, I really do.


Well, I better put some mask back on then; don't want people begging me to make them feel better about anything.

It's too late. The damage is done. You'll forever be known for who you are.


Damn you, Jet Howitzer, for revealing my true and motivational self. I curse you to be just as generous with your honesty as myself and others before me.

I could never, ever, recreate this, even with fifteen years I would never be able to. Good job, very good job.

So what is it suppose to symbolise?

"It's, like, all in your head, bro. It's whatever you want it to be."

Honestly, it's how any organized system takes everything in, and churns out countless copies of the same bland thing.

2081639 Are you an anarchist? If you don't mind me asking.

I'll take it.

I don't think so. I just don't think that things like the school system, are properly made. It just standardizes everything, and that makes people into boring copies of one another.

2082127 Interesting. I agree that the school system (especially the American one) is flawed.


Honestly, it's how any organized system takes everything in, and churns out countless copies of the same bland thing.

On the other hand, an organized system can make sense of what before was meaningless, barren, blind chaos.

An ordered system is not an inherently as you suggest. It merely trys to create a basic level from which many things can occur or be expounded upon, and keep a record.

As for creating the same things, ordered systems can, but chaos can do it just as well. Look at popular culture today, a chaotic, frenzied mess, yet is extremely repetitive and predictably . Everyone tries to 'be different' to do something unique, yet everyone really ends up pretty much doing the exact same thing. Chaos creates as many carbon copies as order does.

Now, the eduction system should create a similar product at the end. After all, everyone should be well-informed of history, all should be able to do algebra. A very similar trait in all its products. However, I agree most systems, including the American system, are broken. It seems someone realized that kids who learn do well on tests , and had the 'genius' idea that adding more tests would improve learning. And that's just stupid.

In the end, Order and disorder each have their horrors and their beauty. Its the path that blends the two, and incorporates of one and less of the other when needed, that is the one we must strive for.

Oh, and nice pics.

I'm not saying that all systems do this, or that a lack of systems wouldn't do the same. Merely that most education systems, at least in this country, use an unyielding metric for determining success versus failure. If, say, I could do brilliantly in math, which I can, but not that well at reading comprehension, also true, by their system I am not 'passing' reading comprehension, and thus cannot do well. However, as I have evidently shown, I can write, and read, and do well with the language. So, their metric for determining success is flawed, since I clearly can grasp the language.

It's not a blanket statement, merely an observation of some rather glaring flaws in the system we have.


I whole-heartedly agree with you appraisal of the flaws in the education system, but

Honestly, it's how any organized system takes everything in, and churns out countless copies of the same bland thing.

is a blanket statement. But since your point was to illustrate the systems flaws , not to say systems are flawed themselves, nothing more needs be said.

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