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Team Fortress 2 · 3:53am Mar 31st, 2014

I have done literally nothing with my free time besides play this stupid game for the past... like... two and a half weeks.

Someone help.


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Wait until you start being concerned with getting Strange Weapons ranked up.

Then you'll wonder if you even HAVE a life.

Hats. That is all.

It's okay Eldorado!... Everyone else is in the same boat as you.


Not as bad as having strange killstreak weapons and trying to both rank them up and get pretty glow effects. :pinkiesad2:



1968311 I've already done that... with my scorch shot. Which I've spent a long time trying to think up clever names for. And now I'm thinking about getting a strange axtinguisher and degreaser to complete my favored Pyro loadout. Which I've already filled out with the Sub-Zero coat, my signature Australium Gold Mann Co hat, and the Cremator's Conscience doll things.

Help. Someone help. Anyone help.

1968333 Fortunately I like my gold Mann Co enough that I think I've got a few hours left before I start throwing millions of dollars at hats. Then it's only a matter of time...

1968336 If I had killstreak weaps, then.. well... that'd be the end of what pathetic scraps of a social life I still have...


... Do you play Soldier much? :duck:


1968384 My two most favored classes are Pyro and Soldier. I've been wanting to branch out some, too, but for the time being I mostly alternate between those classes.


I know it's kind of a crutch weapon, but how do you feel about the Black Box?


1968526 Meeester bought me a strange one last year, and I've been using it as my main soldier weapon ever since. I love it.


1968562 Why do you ask?


I happen to have a strange killstreak black box that I don't find myself using that much.

Partially because I've been leaning away from the Black Box as a launcher, partially because it tracks revenge kills.


What HUD is that?

Anyways, El, just spend millions of dollars on unusuals. That usually helps.


1968589 Huh. Unfortunately I don't really have anything to trade for it at the moment... I've been collecting stuff but most of my backpack is full of useless trash.

1968676 Yes. I think if anyone should spend loads of money on a Spanish exploration of America themed hat, it should be me.

Going off the number of times the intro video to Road to El Dorado has been posted on my profile, anyway...


1969475 59caddyel. I don't use Eldorado as a handle there - I use Crow T. Robot because I'm too lazy to change it.

what game is that

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