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Story promo for a friend · 7:08pm Sep 24th, 2014

Been ages since I've done a non-groups-related blog post type thing, but a good friend of mine recently put out a story and I figured he could use some more attention.

Parallel Black has been throwing ideas around for stories that take a character who appears tailor-made for some kind of bizarre fetishy clop story, and instead try to realistically and non-sexually portray what life would be like day-to-day for said character. It's an interesting idea, and one I think is definitely worth a look.

This time we've got the story of a sort of horrible Lovecraftian (yet somehow cute) mass of demonic tentacles that wears a pony disguise and attempts to blend in with regular Ponyville society and live a normal life. It's definitely one of the more unique ideas I've seen on this site, and I rather like that. Kind of the other side of the coin as all the minimal-story erotica you see everywhere, this story aims to stand on the strengths of its characterization and storytelling.

For years she has watched them; the ponies. They live and play, cry and die. All of this her mother taught her, all of this she was shown first-hoof. Now, Cuddlhu has come of age and is able to fully interact with her surroundings and the individuals beyond. With the addition of a disguise, indistinguishable to the form of a real pony, Cuddlhu can start living a fuller life than her nature would normally allow.

Her secret is a big one, and yet it’s only skin-deep. Little does Cuddlhu realize, she isn't the only thing in Ponyville with a few surprises up her sleeves.

It's certainly a novel concept, and I think it holds up well. Parallel's also been cranking out chapters at a decent rate, so if this sort of thing interests you, you might not have to wait long for more. Take a look!

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Comments ( 3 )

Hoya hoya hoya hoya

For some reason this story idea reminds me of An Outsider's Perspective and that was great, so I may give it a try.
Originally I just wandered in to check on your fallout story.


2538401 I think it's an interesting idea, and I'm happy to route as much traffic as I can at Parallel for coming up with it.

As for my own stuff... yeah. That exists. One of these days I'll get back into it, maybe.

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