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I've deleted over a dozen spammy Keyframe group threads today · 8:58am May 29th, 2015

In all seriousness, I may sympathize with the cause, but spamming threads everywhere doesn't help the situation at all. If people are getting multiple notifications for the same exact thing, then you're to the point that you're just getting potential donors mad. You are helping literally nobody at that point, because what should have been a "aw, that's horrible, let me help you out" has become a "no, just please leave me alone." They're mad, you're mad, and the charity doesn't get any money.

If I can't walk through an airport to catch a flight without 10 people harassing me for donations, then my likelihood of actually donating money approaches zero. Only difference here is it's not 10 different charities but the same charity 10 times. Which I'd argue is even worse.

Report Eldorado · 1,807 views ·
Comments ( 27 )

Still begs the question how many times the same thread can be posted over however many relevant forums without it constituting spam. If there a number limit that the mods look for, or is it arbitrary to some degree?


3107195 It's spam if I see the same thread being copy-pasted to a bunch of places. Two or three I'm normally inclined to let slide, especially if it's on relevant forums. When I see 5 identical threads asking for sympathy in groups all about collecting a certain genre of story, then that's obviously an attempt at spamming people for donation money.

At this point I'm gonna pretty much start deleting Keyframe threads on sight, because it's honestly kind of difficult to imagine many scenarios where they are actually relevant to the group's purpose. Self-promotion groups, maybe. Anywhere else... nah, you're still best off posting a blog and calling it a day.

Author Interviewer

I didn't feel right deleting the thread in the one group I've got admin in, but neither do I think it's really the place for it. :/ Oh well.

3107224 I'm slightly inclined to agree with you, but also disagree. If it's one person spamming the exact same message every group he's in, then yes by all means delete it. BUT if it's someone else posting it in a different fashion, then it's slightly ok in my books, as long as it's not people's goals to have every group have this message in it. However, I get the point about it's affect of it being in alot of places would have the opposite desired outcome.

Overall I suppose I really don't have that much grounds to argue about, since I don't know exactly how many groups the news of Keyframe's predicament has reached, so I suppose if the mods see it as spam, it would be for a good reason, but I'm still not too fond of the idea given Keyframe's circumstances.

3107442 I've been seeing both the same people spamming multiple groups AND multiple people spamming the same groups.

let us not forget this could just be someone faking the abuse, a way to get money, there has been simpler issues like that on this site and there is no difference on YouTube, the internet can't solve everything with money.

3107528 Well, SOME things can be solved by money. Like us never seeing another 3D platformer outside of Nintendo again. Solved that shit with going on two million British pounds.

Question, if my group is dedicated to doing whatever we want whenever we want, is this blog telling us to delete or lock KeyFlame threads no matter what?


3107648 I don't really care if you don't. This isn't even an official blog or anything, I'm just whining because it hurts me to see people shoot themselves in the foot like this.

3107442 I've been getting reports and finding a bunch of threads filed by the same user in a bunch of groups. Identical post, same user, within a few seconds of each other. Inevitably the OP gets downvoted to oblivion and everyone goes "stop spamming this everywhere!" and it maybe attracts one or two sympathetic voices for even ten people it annoys the hell out of. That's not a success, and that doesn't benefit anybody.

3107325 Yeah, I wish more people would just delete the threads when they see them in their groups. Most of the ones I've seen have rapidly disintegrated into fights between people who want to blindly fling money at the problem and people who think the whole thing's a hoax, and it's just not the kind of thing I imagine most people want going on in their groups.

I swear, if I see one more of those threads or blogs about it, I'm going to literally pull my hair out of my head. I can understand posting it once, but two hundred threads and blogs about it is where I just want to un-follow all those that are following me and leave just about every group or site altogether.


3107772 Report them. I've started deleting them on sight, especially if the user posts multiple at a time. Blogs are totally fine but the more I see of the group threads the more I'm convinced that they don't belong anywhere outside of self-promotion type groups where raising awareness of stuff is the whole point. Story-collection groups or editing groups or anything along those lines really has no business getting inundated with this spam.

3107794 that was only a couple months ago... conspiracy?

Honestly though at this point I'm trying to distance myself from arguments over whether or not the charity is legitimate. My position remains the same regardless of the legitimacy of the cause: "this is an emergency" is not an excuse for spamming a dozen groups with identical threads. Still, checking the charity out for signs of dishonesty or hyperbole is something people who are considering donating need to think about. Any time they're giving money away, really; the same could even be said of kickstarter and the like.


I may sympathize with the cause,

Namely toward that, but whatever. Still amusing as fuck to see people spam it.

Well, to a point, anyway.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Funny how she constantly needs so much money donated to her huh


I wish people would donate to me because I need money

but I don't make billions of e-begging pools about myself


3107823 The "may" was me trying to hedge away from "even though I do definitely agree with the cause" because... well, I'm pretty dubious.

Really, I don't know enough to really take a firm stance on whether I believe it, and frankly I don't care to, but I do generally find pleas for money highly suspect at best.

3107950 let's kickstart a patreon together and then we'll be rolling in the shekels


that was only a couple months ago... conspiracy?

Honestly though at this point I'm trying to distance myself from arguments over whether or not the charity is legitimate.

You and me both... i've been through three of these things all turning into lies (You helped me with one if i do recall). It's a shame that it's become hard to believe people who may have real problems, but all it takes is one or two telling a lie to ruin it for everyone else.


3108048 Yup. Maybe it's just an experience bias since I'm way more involved in MLP than any other community, but it seems to me like we've got an especially rampant scam rate. Gotta love n' tolerate them fake pity parties!


We tend to radiate kindness, generosity, and acceptance a heck of a lot more than most fandoms do. Theres a large population of younger people who see them and 'spread the word' without a second thought as well. To be honest we're an easy target for it. But that's made me all the more wary.

I actually ended up exposing someone recently who was trying to gain false support/sympathy. I didn't want my reader base to go through all of it again, i took a ton of flack for not supporting the guy, more than a few PM's from people i talk to all the time telling me they couldn't believe i was 'being such a jerk' but i eventually figured it all out (thankfully without the need to contact you or the other admins) and got him to confess, followed by swarms of apologies pouring into me.

I hate that i've become so paranoid, but i care about the people i work hard to entertain, especially after i was more or less the reason they got involved in the whole thing you helped me with.


3108094 Nah, with a community this prone to invent wild lies to get people to care about them, or in worse cases cheat people out of money, the smart move is to demand some really solid proof. We had that one guy who faked dying of cancer. I remember you dealing with someone faking a court battle over an adopted daughter... it's nuts out there, and these "raise awareness" campaigns with a sob story and donate link make me incomprehensibly wary.

Like, hell, if you're hard up for cash and just want to get a payday, then start a patreon and work for it. At least you're being honest about it and I as a patron am getting something in return. I don't like people sitting around complaining about how hard they have it and passing a donation jar around. That's just not how I operate.


too true, too true.

Guh, i remember the cancer one, one of my friends wrote the guy a multi chapter story for him before he was found out.

The child case was part of the Rainbowangel thing you helped me with... eeeeyaaiiiii that was such a mess :facehoof: it was a hell of a way for us to first be acquainted :twilightsheepish:


3108221 I've made friends through stranger means. Not often, but it's happened.

One small upside to all of this, I suppose. I keep meaning to actually read some of your stuff and stop being so damned antisocial around here, but real life is regrettably still a thing, and it seems every time I sit down to try and experience some of the good side of this site I get immediately roped into more of the bad.

That'll be my plea for money soon enough: buy El alcohol and cigars so he can keep his sanity another day

They're there if you're looking for a read :eeyup:

I guess thats one reason im glad im not a mod :twilightsheepish: I deal with so much drama just being a followed author, i can only imagine what you go through.

And yes, El Alcohol sounds good right now, especially since i'm sitting at work for another hour on a friday with nothing to do :raritydespair:


3108304 Take a bathroom break. Get paid to take a piss on company time. That's what I always do on boring days.


We should make a patreon and just have it say "Give us money plz because we're greedy"

i mean it wouldn't get many hits but at least we'd be more honest than 95% of the other people using the site


3119359 The exclusive patron bonus content we give out is just screenshots of us playing Witcher 3 on our $4000 liquid-cooled gaming PCs we built with their money

Hi Mr Eldorado, I heard your in charge of this site and wanted to ask you a question. For some unknown reason im not allowed to comment any more of the cinematic adventure stories. Why is this? It states i've been banned but i don't know what i did. Can you lift it/figure out why this is so i can make amends with both here and Equestria amino?

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