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    Luna, Princess of the Night has a purpose. She protects the dreams of ponies everywhere from the nightmares that may plague them... however most ponies don't realize, she doesn't do it alone.
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Lucid Sequel (and Secret project I'm going to work on alongside Crusade) · 3:34am Mar 30th, 2014

I've been brainstorming some ideas for a Lucid sequel title... I've come up with "Apnea" for now

I'm not for sure if that'll be it's name when we get it started so we'll see.

I say we, because I am going to collaborate this story with the great Night Spark. Best friend and partner in crime. We've helped each other with our stories since we first started writing and now we think it's time we teamed up! He helped me come up with the dream realm, and end it with it's cliffhanger so that way it could be continued if enjoyed... and it was! While it didn't get insane amounts of views/favs, the few people who requested more definitely motivated me to write another!

This isn't gonna happen for a while though. Both Night Spark and myself have big projects we are working on... for me It's One Last Crusade and for him it's An Unwelcomed Change. However we will get to it in the future! :twilightsmile: If you haven't read Lucid check it out... maybe you'll like it!

Now then I am gonna start a secret project since I've decided to put Spirits on hold again...

Music lovers, I need some assistance. If your interested PM me, you'll of course get credit for assisting me! It might not be the most original story I've written, but I think it would be fun... and I'm all about that!

I like to keep myself busy when it comes to writing, so having two long runners will help me do that!

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Comments ( 6 )

By music lovers, do you mean someone who just listens to music, or someone who makes it too?

1966787 I should've been more specific sorry... Makes music or studies it. Vast knowledge of it and how it works lol

So...not me then lol. Nvm.

A sequel - while a good idea - seems too soon. I liked Lucid, but a sequel already? Hmmmmmm!

1967368 not anytime soon actually lol

Just wanted to let people know it will happen at some point

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