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The Sentient Cloud

I'm The Sentient Cloud, a now-retired fanfiction writer from New Zealand. If you're looking at this, then you've probably already found your way to either "The Piano Man" or "Those Who Came Before".

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All Clouds Dissipate (Retirement) · 11:53am Mar 14th, 2014

Catchy title, right? Right. Moving on:

It's surprising to realize that I've been on here for over a year and a half. It feels like a year at most, but maybe that's because I haven't posted any work since November. Anyway, I'm not going to waste anyone's time with an overlong post or by tagging any of my stories; there's no drastic reason why I'm leaving FIMFiction, and I can assure you that I'm perfectly fine - better than ever, in fact. Rather, I'm retiring from fanfiction writing for the simple, usual reasons:

- I'm busy with real life - that pesky thing that never takes its foot off your throat.
- I'm out of creative juice for FIMFiction. Make no mistake that I had quiet a few ideas whirling around my head, but none of them appealed enough to get me committing more than a few paragraphs to paper. Also, I have a fond disdain for the work I've produced on this site; the premises are all fine - entirely respectable, in fact - but the execution was lacking and, looking back, the writing itself was of a quality that never exceeded mediocre.
- I've been spending that last eight months or so plotting and writing a novel proper. It's something that I'm really taken with, and of course leaves very little time for FIMFiction.

The short version is that I've moved on from FIMFiction, although I do thank it for greatly helping me to increase my writing skills. Oh, but make no mistake: I'll still drop in regularly to look at comments and the odd story, but I'm not going to be posting chapters or stories anymore.

I'd especially like to thank you 590 followers (I often have misgivings over how I managed to attach such a substantial amount, especially relative to the big-name writers around the site) for helping me feel like my unmerited atheistic preachings were worth reading.
Thanks to the original readers of the Red vs Blue crossover. glancing back at that one, I feel proud of myself for having not made Church instant-best-friends with all the other ponies.
Thanks to the readers of The Piano Man - especially those who helped make the sequel as popular as it was. If I may confide in you: I prefer the first story, as - and let's be honest - the second one is just a whole lot of nothing with a token romance inserted in the end that I regret, but refuse to change because I don't want to pretend I never did it.
And finally, I apologize to the few readers of Those Who Came Before that would occasionally muse about an update. The truth is that I never really knew where I was going to go with that story, but I did always have a couple of curveballs in mind.

And that's all I have to say. It's really been fun, everyone. Again, thanks everyone for reading my crap, and I wish a long, happy life to you all.
- The Sentient Cloud

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You may find inspiration at some point.
Have a nice day.:derpytongue2:

Why are all the awesome writers leaving?

Well, it's a sad loss, but it is your choice. All we can do is respect that, and wish you luck in you future endevaours.

And sit in the dark corners of our rooms, crying in the hopes that one day you'll come back, and grace us with more awesome tale.

'Twas a good run, thanks for the ride. May the winds blow in your favor, and fortune at your side.

Well shit. I guess that's that, then. Take it easy.

"Live long and prosper."

Best of luck to you Sentient, it was awesome reading your stories, it's a sad day to see you go.

Good luck with that novel you're writing. :pinkiesmile:

If you are no longer planning on writing fanfics, so that you may accomplish your goal of writing a novel, (When you do get it published, let us know, so we all can go get copies of this) what of Those Who Came Before? I love the premise of it, and the two chapters you have posted are excellently done. Would it be possible for another writer to finish that story?

Good luck, farewell, good bye.

I feel like a dick for saying this but please come back if things change so you have more time and your fimfiction groove comes back.

Peace out, brother.

Farewell, Sentient Cloud.
Thanks for telling us all a tale or two.

Have a good day then. Come back soon.

Thank you for the stories.

May the alpacas be with you.

Hey man, good luck on your novel dude.

It was a pleasure workin with ya.

1925085 Well, I'll happily debate the quality of those two chapters, but anyway...

Yeah, if someone else wants to pick it up, they can feel free too; copy the first chapters, use the cover art (Might want to hit-up Corvo to see if he's okay with that), etc. Remember that I myself never had a grand plan for that story.
However: I had one major idea. A lot of people were predicting the presence of Cryogenic (assuming they meant "Cryonic") chambers, and they were correct. I was planning to throw a curveball in there by having every human they tried to revive die from cardiac arrest.

1929058 Messaging him now, and if you are ok with me taking over, I will message the mods about this as well, about this, and check to see what they need to make it so they approve of this story being taken over to be finished.

As for the cryo idea, I LOVE IT, and would definitely use that if I do take over writing this fic.

Comment posted by The Sentient Cloud deleted Mar 16th, 2014

Here, PM me with the results. I can even provide you with 1,500 words that I produced for the next chapter - unedited, of course.

1929584 One question, if I do this, what your thoughts be on any changes to the first two chapters, if needed?

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