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Extension · 2:34am May 24th, 2012

I'll make this quick.

First, I'm extending the release schedule for chapter 20, and possibly chapter 21. This will put 20 on May 26th instead of May 23rd. I know I said weekly updates, but I'm okay with being a liar. I've been one all my life, after all.

The reason for this, as you may be wondering, is because a friend suffered a family emergency at work (I'm not quite sure of the details) and I am quite frankly the only person who can fill her shifts. Jacob would be able to get at least some of them, but Jacob shattered his foot two weeks ago and is still in a wheelchair. Essentially, I'll be lucky to get Thursday off. Thursday, by the way, is the day I turn 21.

Not that I'm bitching. I'll be happy as can be when I get my paycheck. It's just that with a 2 hour bike trip to and from work, and eight hour shifts, spending all my spare time on this fic (which I'm currently doing) still one be enough. Welcome to adulthood, Aesthetic.

Second, some people seem to be under the impression that I'm changing the title because I want to avoid star bombers, or that I think I was unfairly star bombed in the first place. I'm changing the title because I feel it's more suitable. Even with the original plan for the fanfic, PMW was the title of only the first third. Alicorns Make War was supposed to cover everything from Discords return to the end. Yes, the title should help sell the fic, but I genuinely like TIG more.

And yes, I got a couple of star bombs. You know what, though? So does everyone. My first writing was genuinely bad, and the rating reflected that. For a first story, even getting on EqD was a big deal. More on this in a couple days, when I post the blog about feedback.

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Don't sweat it dude, life comes first.

Well happy birthday I suppose, however, you didn't mention anything about chapter 19, should we expect that on time?

Yes. Though maybe not until tomorrow afternoon. Which is still on time; I just spoil you guys with midnight release dates.

Welcome to adulthood indeed. Well, may I wish you a great 21st birthday ahead of time, and say that your fic is still my favorite novel of all time (yes this includes actual published work)

I thought your move to "The Immortal Game" was a smart one. I never much liked the title of Ponies Make War. For such a powerful fanfiction it just felt... lackluster. TIG is a large improvement.

I too think The Immortal Game is a much better title for the true over-arching theme of the fic. Even if it took quite awhile to get into place.

As for the story... Of course I want them released NOW!, but life takes priority. I will wait, impatiently, for the chapters as always. Stay safe.

Meh, life happens
hope the friend's emergancy was a little thing
TIG does indeed make a better sounding title to PMW, kinda like how The Hobbit was better than 'There and back again'

Meh Life happens, no worries :pinkiehappy:
early happy birthday!

Early but sincere Happy Birthday to you!

Happy early birthday to you.:pinkiehappy:

Two hour bike trip, damn. I assume no public transit connects you reliably enough, or is it that bus fair would be to much?

happy birthday in advance then!

Well Happy Birthday to you sir! :pinkiehappy:

Sorry to hear about this emergency and I hope everything works out alright.

While I agree "The Immortal Game" does sound far more apropos to the machinations that characterize your amazing story, I'm a little sad if only because when I read that Astor Coruscare wrote a "how-to-kill-everything" book titled "Ponies Make War" my mind was blown.

But again, TIG certainly encompasses the content better, so good on you.

Looking forward to your next update, whenever it may be.

Considering how regular you've been about updates, and how upfront you've been about any delays, I doubt people would mind waiting a few more days. I hope everything ends up working out. More cash is always good, at least.

I must say, I'd be interested to read the original first chapter that I keep hearing is so bad, if only to see what was different, but I know that'll never happen.:twilightsheepish: If I was in your position I'd certainly never let something I was so unhappy with see the light of day.

On another note I'm sure nobody cares about, I am tickled to hear that you are literally a day older than I am. Here's hoping you have a good birthday!

No buses in my hometown. Cabbing it would cost about $20 per trip. Even when I get my licensce, I'll still probably bike on some days. It's a nice bike ride along a paved trail that used to be a railroad track. Until the very end, where I get into town and bike up a gradual hill for twenty minutes straight. Makes coming home easier, though.

Clicking on the hyphen at the end of chapter one will bring you to the old version. At some point, I might show you guys chapter zero. It's so bad it isn't good, it's just really, really bad.

Also, happy early birthday to you good sir. If you're american, I guess you'll be able to drink legally soon.

That's not to bad then, not only is biking cheaper then a car, it's good exercise as well.
Also, Rainbow Dash with party hat cracked me up. Happy B-day dude.

119466 "Untitled"
But I thought titles are important...

Wow, I'm going through the same thing. Haven't updated my fanfic (posted on different website) in three weeks since my coworker is in the ER with a major blood clot. Enjoy being 21 and drinking, I still have to wait 7 more months.

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