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Some Questions: Please Respond! · 6:12pm Dec 26th, 2013

Hey, everyone!

Happy "Boxing Day"!

I've been wondering something for a while, going over along inside of my mind during the months that I had left this website, and it's:

>What one single story of mine do you find most interesting or enjoyable for you?

>Why do you think that is?

>Is there anything that you want me to draw from this for the future?

Honesty, looking back, I don't know to what extent I've "improved" or "changed" or "grew" or whatever as an author. My first few fics seem highly comparable to what I've done recently. Hmmm... what do you think?

Please respond! *hugs as well*

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Rarity's Vacation from Herself would be mine. It is the one that got me to follow you. I like it because Rarity is my second favorite of the Mane Six, and the way you write her in this is well done.

1. A Brush with a Beauty (Pretty much all of the HumanXPony stories except 'Her majestys official sperm donors')

2. 'Cause i love Pony on Human action.:rainbowwild:

3. More of the rarer Pairings!

1.Help me, nurse!
2.It was one of the first Redheart stories I've ever read and one of my personal favorites
3.Keep doing stuff that you love

Yeah, I should do more stuff with not-usually-covered ponies!

Alright, cool!

I'll just go ahead and say Happy Boxing Day to you too. :pinkiesmile:

I've meant to do something about that for the longest time, but I keep being distracted by other ideas!

1)I would say Love Can't Be Programmed, because I am utterly in love with the browser pones, but that story never actually went anywhere.
So in light of that, it would be "Help me nurse, I need 50 ccs of you", although I can't quite remember why, as it has been so long since I read anything by you.
Probably the thing I really loved about that story is that it had Redheart. Nobody writes Redheart stories, but you wrote one. And it was good, I think. I have a terrible memory.

So I'll give you an example I can actually explain. You Slimed Me. My favourite is one of your most recent works, yes.
2) It had a great story, well developed, from a relatable perspective, and I utterly loved the character of Pirouette. An emotionally awkward soul draining macabre phantom horror adorkably trying to be frightening. I adore that concept. She is what made that story for me.

3) Your ideas inspire me. So keep thinking your ideas. Keep doing what you think should be done.

I personally enjoyed Nightmare Date, only because that's the only story that I've read by you. I think it's interesting because it takes a split from the main road of the normal stuff I see. I also like seeing evil, cruel, hateful characters like Nightmare Moon being reformed through what Strawberry did for her. I didn't particularly enjoy the kinky sex, but I enjoyed it over all. I think the reforming motif is something you should use again in the future, perhaps now that you've come further along in your writing career.

If you can believe it I have yet to read any of your fics. My tendency is to find somebody, add their 'library' to my Read Later and then follow before I even get started on them. :pinkiecrazy:

No offence is intended. :twilightblush:

Sweet, thank you!

The 'reforming' motif... yeah, I should revisit that. I guess I've been drawn into making more short fics than something as large and long as 'Nightmare Date'. But I should try something about the reformation process of Discord, say.

Well, personally, I wouldn't go for Discord. Since it's already cannon that he is reformed, (somewhat... I mean, look at season 4 XD) I'd go for another villain/antagonist like Gilda or Sombra. That's just my opinion, but I'd happily read a Discord reformation story!

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