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A Christmas Clopfic / Romance Fic Gift · 5:14am Dec 26th, 2013

Hey everyone! I got a bunch of presents that I like a lot, I ate some great food, and I was able to relax with people that I like! All in all, I feel great!

Also, this happened:


I also hope that you all enjoy this thing that I just uploaded:

'Twas the Night Before Hearth's Warming

'Twas the Night Before Hearth's Warming

'Twas the Night Before Hearth's Warming

It's a sort of 'throw-back' for me. I confess, yes, there's nothing serious or dramatic here really. It's, as TAW once so elegantly put it, "wish fufillment goo about wanting to love a pony hard."

*cough*It's also inspired by real-events of me being quasi-dumped by a maybe-girlfriend that won't meet with me as promised and so lusting after Luna*cough*

Happy reading! Please comment as well!

*hugs you all warmly*

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Looks like it's.



I'm intrigued but have 1900 and then some fics in my Read Later already. So it might be some time :derpyderp2::pinkiecrazy::unsuresweetie:

Take your time-- but do please read it soon!

1649809 I can't promise anything but I'll do what I'll can! :rainbowdetermined2:

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