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These poems, they please me,
Don't let them be cheesy.

I am just too amused by this.

I still feel dirty.


This is actually pretty good poetry.

It disturbs me though. :rainbowhuh:

I don't think I can deal with this!

This limerick made me sad :applecry:
It's good though.

I am downloading these to my phone and showing them to friends XD

Are you really sure that you regret nothing ?

You clever, you. :ajsmug:

Woohoo! My first written contribution to the fandom! And it is about Luna mooning Celestia....

I regret nothing!

Still waiting on the bongo reading.....

1607567 You should feel dirty, but the kind of dirty you feel after accomplishing something amazing. I :rainbowwild:

I feel like I should salute.

I went to a poem generator because poems and I just don't know what went wrong. //dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Derpy_Hooves.png
I tried to make it pony related. What did I even do? Oh god, what.
The beginning seems SRS then the end is wat
Applejack's skin glows like the Apple, blossoms Run as the Tulip in the purest hope of spring.
My heart follows her Piano voice and leaps like an elephant at the whisper of her name.
The evening floats in on a great Parrot wing.
I am comforted by her Shirt that I carry into the twilight of Carbeams and hold next to my Penis.
I am filled with hope that I may dry her tears of Powerade.
As my Rectum falls from my Pants, it reminds me of her Tablet.
In the quiet, I listen for the last Static of the day.
My heated Finger leaps to my Shoes. I wait in the moonlight for her secret Table so that we may Move as one, Finger to Finger, in search of the magnificient Green and mystical Television of love.

oh this is great.

lmfao, I do not even know.

So, can I read a ton of these and poot them on YouTube?

...Aw god, I knew that these were going to be dirty, but I just had to click on this one because of the chapter name...

1612647 You might want to check with the individual authors. I give you permission for mine. Make sure you send a link when you get done.


That's why I included "a cautionary tail" In the title! :twilightoops:


1612612What in anything unholy's name is wrong with that poem generator.

This has to be the best one yet... (The Observations Of A Pupil)

From what these first two were like, I'm not sure if I want to keep reading.

I could have stopped reading these. I should have stopped reading these.

Holy hell, is this wrong.
But holy hell, is it erotic. (And still wrong.)

This is five sounds here
Add seven on the next line
Conclude with this gif:


I've never really tried poetry before, but I saw that people were submitting stuff, so I decided to put my vocabulary to the test. My friend thought it was "really bad poetry," so I didn't really think much of it.
it was nice of Totallynotabrony to put this shit up, though :rainbowkiss:

the mods actually passed this? Seriously? lol.

First I was all,

But then I continued to be butthurt over questionably acceptable and arguably badly-written poetry.

In all seriousness─Here's to pretending anything that began with a rhyming sex joke can possibly be serious.─, dafuq? I suppose it just isn't my cup of tea.

1617034 I thank you for your respectful opinion, which you are certainly entitled to. I would like it if whole internet was more polite like you, even in disagreement.

1612647 You get permission from "An Enthralling Ethical Encounter" :rainbowkiss:

Spock says it like it is.

1612429 I have no idea, but I don't think you're talking about the fact tha you're the only one that can understand this.:pinkiecrazy:

These are getting more and more wrong
but it's so AWESOME :raritycry:

Well this quickly spiraled into a truly epic showing of perverse debauchery.
Still I feel as though many bronies are having this reaction...
Even so, this stuff is just too much fun.
~Time to dash, Dash out~

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