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A preview · 11:30pm Dec 18th, 2013

Depending on how the next few days go, Terms of Employment might take a bit longer to update than expected. Fortunately, though, I've just solved a certain key story problem that had been blocking all progress until now.

Regardless, here's a little teaser for the next chapter:

“Did you hear that?”

Fear crept up my spine like a cold, slimy centipede.

The whole situation was fucked up beyond belief, but I couldn't help but feel there was something worse out there, hiding behind faceless statues and towering pillars.

I didn't have my gun, but I still had my combat knife. I whipped it out of its sheath, relishing the blade's heft and the vicious, gleaming edge. If someone wanted to take me down, I'd make it a mutually painful experience.

Laughter echoed off the hard stone walls of the ruins. I spun on my heels, searching for a target and finding none.

“Who's there?” called XB9, trying his best to not sound like a scared little kid. He failed miserably.

The laughter came again. Closer now.

I brought my knife up to bear, feeling my stomach drop into the toes of my boots.

"That won't help you." The speaker sounded calm to the point of boredom. “That won't help you at all."

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Comments ( 4 )

And then it became a suspense horror as well. I'm predicting somepony is going to have a nasty case of fear-pee.


"... Because it's nowhere near big enough to cut this cake I got for you!" He said as he stepped into view holding a large funfetti cake with strawberry frosting. "Also, it'll cure your friend and those other two. Then we'll all get together to sing kumbaya and live happily ever after."

Drat, someone guessed the plot twist again.
To be fair, the protagonist is pretty close to wetting himself at this point, too.

So, Discord soon, yay, and by the sound of it, A dark version of him! Cant wait!

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