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Moar Fireflies Updates · 3:53am Nov 2nd, 2013

Yeah, what the title says. Progress is coming along at a pace that could be described as slow by some, and quick by others.

The first thousand-ish words:

As I came into full awareness, pulled somewhat abruptly from the half sleep I had been in moments ago, I noticed with moderate curiosity that something was draped across my torso, and another something across my face. Both were warm, and fleshy, giving me enough evidence to figure out what the objects were, but not enough to figure out who was who. I inhaled deeply, a prelude to a yawn, and the scent that assailed my told me quite clearly that it was Pinkie across my face. With a level of mental athleticism that surprised me, given my level of wakefulness, I pressed my mouth firmly across what I was certain was Pinkie’s belly, and blew my yawn into it, creating the most satisfying of juvenile sounds. The sound seemed to linger in the air for several moments, and I was woefully unable to contain my idiotic giggling at the sound. The simple act of trying to contain my laughter only made it worse, and before long I was only immobile due to the two beautiful women atop me.

Pinkie, roused from both my action and the consequence, looked down at me with a heavy blush on her face. Given her position over me when she moved, I felt a blush come to my own face as I realized just where my head had been. Rarity rolled over, slightly, and she looked at me for only a moment before she closed her eyes again, a small yawn escaping her. “Icarus, love, it’s too early for that.” She let out another yawn. “The sun is just barely rising, so just go back to sleep and we can start doing stuff later.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” Rarity let out a gentle hum as she wrapped her arms around my torso, squeezing me softly before settling herself more comfortably across me. Pinkie, though, moved over to my side, so she was lying beside me, rather than atop me. She pulled herself as close to me as she could before she settled down, an adorable yawn escaping her before I lapsed back into the wondrous realm of sleep.

Just over an hour later and I was sliding out of the grasp of the two women in my bed, the urge to use the bathroom overwhelming my desire to remain in their comfortable embrace. Once I finished my date with the porcelain throne I trudged over to my drawers, rummaging through what I had to find something suitable to wear for the morning. It only took a few moments to find attire suitable, and shortly afterwards I was making my way down the hallway to the stairs. As I walked down a familiar scent assaulted my nose, and when I made it to the kitchen I was surprised, slightly, to see Applejack already there and working. She was quite involved in her motions, and I took a seat on one of the stools at the island so I could watch her as she worked.

A tune soon escaped from her, changing between humming, singing, and whistling as she moved smoothly from one task to the next. I felt myself sinking into her tune, but not losing my ability to keep track of what was happening. Each time she sang I could hear the words before she actually sang them, and I was sorely tempted to join in a few times, only resisting with all my willpower. For the better part of twenty minutes I just watched and sang silently alone with her until, finally, she twirled in place, her eyes locking with mine as she span. As she looked at me her cheeks flushed immediately, her grace and elegance lost instantly to the nerves that suddenly overwhelmed her.

“Please, AJ, continue. It’s quite nice to hear music that comes from the heart that I can remember.” I gave a small shrug. “That magical harmony stuff never sticks in my mind.” She only looked at me for a moment before she turned back to her cooking, the blush in her cheeks only growing as she worked.

It only took a moment before she finally turned and looked at me. “I can’t do it, Icarus. Not knowing that you’re watching. I’m no Sweetie Belle. I can’t just sing whenever.”

I offered a small smile in return. “Someday, Applejack, you’ll find that’s just not true. Maybe it won’t be me that you sing for, but you’ll find someone.” Before she could say anything in response, I stood, stretching for a moment. “I’ll be back in a little while. A nice morning walk will do wonders for my mind. And, perhaps, you’ll appreciate the solitude of cooking.” I walked from the kitchen quickly, well aware of Applejack’s eyes on me as I left the house, and stepped out into the already warming morning air. I had no real goal in mind, so I just wandered aimlessly about the house for several minutes before I started off along the road towards town. I had no intention of going down that far, but the walk was pleasant just for the simple sensation of motion and activity.

As I stopped to turn back towards the house I looked out over what I could see of the island, the small rise I had crested offering me a nice vista of the island. I couldn’t see the whole thing, but I could see the large mountain that made up a large portion of the side of the island, and I knew, then, that I wanted to go to the top. I recalled a section in some of the books I had read about the now dormant volcano, and it seemed like a trip that was worth taking. Not only would the view be nice, it would also allow me a chance at some more exercise. With a goal for the day in mind, I turned in place, ready to head back to the house, only to find myself face to face with Dash. Or, at least, I could see her a short distance away, heading towards me.

Hope you enjoyed that. Feel free to rant and rave about what I'm doing and writing. Current word count for the chapter is 4,164 out of 10K minimum.

Sursum Aeternum!
-Jet Howitzer

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Comments ( 9 )

Can't wait till the next chapter! Will it be Twilight's turn with Icarus?:twilightblush:

Awesome! I always love it when Fireflies updates, it's one of the best humanized fics in my opinion.


1473014 Not just yet. Next chapter, as in the one after the one I'm writing, will be the solidification of the relationship. Then teh secks.

1473058 It is awesome. I'm quite pleased about it. One of the best, though? I dunno about that. It's good, but I wouldn't say it's the best.

1474204 Is something amiss? You seem perturbed.

1474296 Cool can't wait andneither can Twi.:twilightblush:

Just need to get this chapter finished before you get yours out. :P

1474805 I'm more than 6K words from being done. Don't worry too much.

1474296Well, I think it's pretty good. It's up there, at least. (If a tad bit Gary Stu at times...)

Woah! A volcano? cool-beans :pinkiehappy:. Can't wait for the update

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