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  • 508 weeks
    Spam be Damned

    I said I was gonna do it, and I did it. Not my best run, but I have had worse attempts.

    Sursum Aeternum!
    -Jet Howitzer

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  • 508 weeks
    I am the make Movie-Film

    First, I am making some progress in regards to writing. Fireflies is more than likely next to get an update, and then some of my other works.

    In other news, I'm going to start doing some recordings of myself playing some games I like, along with commentary. Because I can. And I think that it's fun.

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    Democracy: Probably a Dictatorship

    Well, dear readers, I've reached a smidgen of a snag when it comes to Fireflies. Not anything too dramatic, it's still going to be written, and things of that nature. So, don't worry about me abandoning it, or something like that. I'm not that much of a tosser... Most of the time.


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  • 515 weeks
    I am now 23

    The title says it all, people.
    As of today, July 4, 2014 I am 23 years of age.

    Please, hold your applause, and just throw money. Can't buy shit with applause.

    Sursum Aeternum!
    -Jet Howitzer

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    A Tale of Two Stories

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
    There are two tales that I would like to shamelessly endorse, now, and here they are:

    Distant Memories

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"Fireflies: Parallel" Official Announcement · 5:35am Aug 4th, 2013

Yeah, the title kinda tells it all right now. The first official off shoot of the Fireflies universe has been started. It's just about 2.5K words so far, and will be covering the life of Orion (No Last Name Yet) and the hardship he endures in Canterlot and the love that comes after. This will be more typical romance building as Orion doesn't know the chosen female really. This will be more 'in-line' with how relationships are meant to go in the Fireflies universe. Also, throughout the tale, I will be doing some more universe building in order to make more things clear to the readers.

No release date has been set yet, but it shouldn't be long after I finish the first chapter.

Previews for this won't be live on my blog for quite some time, but I will be willing to give a few people (Five tops) some sneak peeks if interest is high enough. Those interested in getting such access should simply send me a PM. Access will be granted based on my discretion.

Sursum Aeternum!
-Jet Howitzer

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Comments ( 4 )

Orion? Damn it, I forgot! Who's orion? :twilightblush:

He was a great huntsman who claime to be capable of hunting any animal and that no beast could best him. The gods, seeing how vain and egotistical he was, sent a scorpion to kill Orion by stinging him on the foot as punishment.

That's either him who Jet's referring or the cat from Men In Black (I).

Quite a lot of spinoffs in the recent past, wouldn't you say? (Referring to that sadfic that was noncanon, I think.) I'm certainly not complaining, though.:pinkiehappy:

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