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Thoughts on Equestria Girls... I can't believe I actually watched it · 7:09am Jul 14th, 2013

Overall, I thought it was pretty good.

The storyline sounded like it came from a fan-fic, but hey, at least they gave a villain some backstory (Something that hasn't really been done since Nightmare Moon, since King Sombrero's "evil origins" was vague and kinda was rushed, where Nightmare Moon had an entire pilot episode to explain her motives/MO).

Animation was, as expected, top notch for a movie meant for little girls.

Some cringe-worthy moments were, of course, the dress-up-for-the-ball montage and the whole transformation sequence of the humanized Mane 6 that was something akin to the cheesy Power Ranger's Morphin' animation.

But I for one was surprised the EqG staff managed to stuff so much into something so short-lasting and unexpected to do somewhat well. You don't expect actual substance in anything nowadays. Sad to see it in a movie meant for little girls and neck-bearded man-children when the majority of movies and shows don't have SUBSTANCE

To all the bronies and pegasisters that decided not to watch this... well, watch it. I had severely low expectations for this movie, yet they have been immensely surpassed. From beginning to end, I have not once decided that EqG was a sham or a waste of my time.

Though I did feel a slight twinge somewhere in my feelz (whatever those are) when Twilight had to leave behind the humanized Mane 6 (or 5 since, you know, Twilight isn't a human... yeah, you guys got my back). Kinda reminded me of how short and abrupt some goodbyes are for every kid (including myself) that never had a sense of permanence, home-wise and friend/school-wise.

But those are for another place, for another time...

Oh, and I'm just gonna wait until the Twilight X Flash Sentry fics come rolling in.

That'll be quite interesting....

Also,watch the credits. You'll be in for a very muffin-y surprise.

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Haven't I told you to watch it? Shit, I think I told you about it right after I got back from seeing it in the theater the day it came out! WHY DOES NOBODY LISTEN TO ME!?!

Oh, and I'm just gonna wait until the Twilight X Flash Sentry fics come rolling in.

I already saw one featured a few days ago. :moustache:

odd that this is the first comment I make on this site when I have already faved and read over a hundred stories here. oh well, for some reason I feel compelled to point out that in EqG Pinkie Pie's question on Twilight Sparkle having an identical twin sister who also has a dog like Spike lends credence to the idea that there is a born-human Twilight Sparkle and born-dog Spike, though why human version TS doesn't attend the same school where Celestia is a principal is open to speculation.

on another tangent there doesn't appear to be a good pony emoticon here to suggest a sort of "oh well," shrugging. I think it should be a Derpy shrugging, that would probably be the best.


Hurray for first-times!


Well, I never got to watching it. You definitely influenced me to go watch it, but I ended up really busy and tired with all the stuff on my plate. So... yeah, you can't say that I'm ignorant :rainbowwild: .

1210214 lol k. Glad you watched it anyway.

And it's not all bad for the mane 5 humans. They alluded to Twilight having a doppelganger in that world.

Whoever posts a review that doesn't piss all over EQG is a victory to me. :moustache:



Huh... I didn't know that the movie implied that. Oh well, it's not like I'm going to go watch it again. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, as 1210207 said, Pinkie asked her if she happened to have an identical twin living in the city. That's plenty of reason to assume there's indeed another Twilight in that world.

As I said in my own Obligatory Equestria Girls Commentary, though, It's really not hard to imagine why the real human Twilight Sparkle isn't there. I mean, come on, she's Twilight Fricking Sparkle. She probably graduated 4 years early and is already well on her way to a second PhD :derpytongue2:

i unfortunately had to watch it on youtube thx to the nearest theater being 3 hours away and my car being out of commission thanks to my dumbass friend:ajbemused:

I have yet to watch it, as there is no way in hell that my parents would drive me to a theater to see it. I'm waiting for a YouTube version that isn't all shaky and filled with the sounds of other people.

I will overcome my incredibly ignorant presumptions on this movie and watch soley on your good word

1210560 LOL oh c'mon. It weren't so bad. Like you said, the concept is akin to a crappy fic, but the rest of it was great.

1211058 Well... shit. There was one. I think youtube removed it. It was still a theater rip, but it was pretty good quality. What gets me is that the movie, in theaters, is quite literally a blu ray disc. I find it really hard to believe that there wasn't at least one brony projectionist, or perhaps even a devious janitor, that would copy that biznatch.


The youtube cam rips have all been taken down, and all there are on teh interwebs are camrips on slightly illicit movie streaming sites.

Or just torrent the camrips themselves OR just wait 'til the more legal solution becomes available (renting or DLing the movie off of Amazon). But really, it's not worth the trouble.

Just assume that both good and bad things happened X)


I thought that was Pinkie just being Pinkie...

1211525ive already seen it back when they were first put up

Yes, and like every other time in the movie she made such wild and weird speculations, she was probably spot on :moustache:

Hey Kishin... I just found out there's a [page_break] tag on fimfic for blogs (which doesn't work on the feed, mind you, but does work on the blog listing and the user page). Might be handy to put below the "spoiler" image :raritywink:


Hey, man. Thanks for the info! I'm trying it out (and struggling with it) as we speak :rainbowkiss:


Yup... this is making me confused as hell...

I'm just gonna leave a gigantic space between the picture and the text because I'm too lazy to learn how or do anything (as you know when you list the errors in the my fics) :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for telling me though!

As I said, it's only for the user page and blog listing. So it doesn't show up on the actual blog here, since people that are on this page normally already saw it listed in some place with the break, and still clicked through to get the full page, implying they took note of the warning and went on anyway.

This is not some javascript thingy like the [more] on long story descriptions. It's just to hide part of the blog on places where it's listed. So just look on your user page or blog listing to see it at work; it's working perfectly already.

There's also no [/page_break] tag. It's like the [ hr ] one; a single tag will do, so you can remove the gigantic space and the closing tag.

Note that in typical half-assed fimfic style, the tag does not affect the feed, which does the automatic javascript cutoff with [more] button (or rather, [View Full]) automatically.


Thanks man! :D

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