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"Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?" - Kurt Vonnegut


Oi, my name is Kishin, and join me for a NationRP, [insert writefag title here]! · 10:48pm Oct 8th, 2016

Ay, it's yo boi, Kishin.

To be honest, I actually hate that name. I absolutely regretted using that username on this website the first couple of days after I made this account. Made me look like a weeb edgelord (who knows, maybe I was a couple years back).

So, I'm retconning that name, and using my actual irl one, which, shortened to make it easier to pronounce in English, is Joon.

Anyway, it took me a year to decide, but I am going to leave permanently this time.

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RIP, and goodbye · 11:29pm Dec 9th, 2014

TL;DR with explanations below:
-Giving up all present/promised future writings
-Account hiatus/goodbye

Rant+Explanation=Ranxplanation below:

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Happy New Year!!!1!!1! · 3:58am Jan 1st, 2014

Got about 4 hours 'til the good people of New York almost ritualistically drop that bass ball (might be different for everyone else living in a different time zone, but... eh. I'm not perfect).

Well it's been one helluva year (for me at least, and I bet it was for a majority of you), and I'm proud to say that I AM INDEED ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE-AHHHHHHHH!

Then killed, THEN re-animated, slightly discouraged, then encouraged again.

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Thoughts on Legend of Korra Season 2 finale (SPOILERS) · 7:21am Nov 20th, 2013

Obvious spoilers for people that didn't see the finale a week early (Srsly, go to the Nick website. The creators were nice enough to post the 1 hour finale a week early than the public release date).

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Just something I'd like to say about America's government right now... · 2:33am Oct 11th, 2013

Mr. President.... Every bucking member of Congress,


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A year of remembrance, Behemoths, and Bronyhood... · 5:53am Aug 19th, 2013

Well it was a couple of days ago when I realized that it's been a complete year since I joined this writing community and since I've been part of the fandom.

I joined August 3rd, and I guess I'm a couple... several days late to realize it, but... all I can say to you guys is thanks!

Really, thanks for being there, reading my stories (even if they're bad), correcting my errors, and being generally awesome followers.

So that's why I'm going to start something new: I'm quitting TF2.

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This is childish... and I like it. · 6:57am Aug 1st, 2013

So one day, as I was watching the MLP marathon on the Hub, I saw that ad for the "Favorite Pony" Poll.

I got bored tonight, and decided to add my 2 bits...

Or 20... (I took the mini quiz that gives you more votes)

And I used up 9 for Pinkie Pie, and I reserved a pity vote for Applejack...

She doesn't get that much love....


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Thoughts on Equestria Girls... I can't believe I actually watched it · 7:09am Jul 14th, 2013

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And after 6 months of writing hiatus, I am back! Oh, and a funny vid I'd like to share. · 6:35am Jul 5th, 2013

So I finally got out a chapter for Birds of a Feather, it's not cancelled anymore, and I wanted to show this:

It's an animated spin-off of the Two Best Friends Play series, which is pretty fucking hilarious.

Watch it. You won't regret it.

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Hey, Happy Fourth! · 5:41pm Jul 4th, 2013

Not that there's anything concerning America to be proud of nowadays, which makes me personally glad that I wasn't born in the States, but hey, it's a nice sentiment!

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