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My favorites are cute things and video games!! Praying for a cuter future.

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  • 45 weeks
    man i used to be a real piece of shit on here

    why did anyone put up with this shit lol

    sorry to anyone who i ever made feel like shit or anything like that, not that too many people even remember who i was. if you're wondering who i am i'm Poultron, a real old mod who aint on here no more

    cant believe the stuff i would say in public

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  • 48 weeks


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  • 145 weeks
    Spring (Winter?) Cleaning

    I'm gonna randomly go through old posts/comments/blogs and probably prune some stuff. I've grown and changed a lot as a person and frankly readin' some of my old posts makes me go "man that person sure does stink!!" Sorry to anyone I was ever rude to. This place taught me a lot about how to be kinder and articulate myself better when dealing with administrative issues. Sometimes I miss it! If

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  • 364 weeks
    Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking?

    I hear that some people are still mad about that.

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  • 432 weeks
    good riddents knighty

    now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

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good riddents knighty · 2:21pm Jun 8th, 2013

now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

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Everybody remain calm. There's plenty of space in my fallout shelter for you all.

There will be served tea and cookies, and coffee for those with that particular itch. In the evening there will be music and a well-equipped bar, where you are free to pick your poison.


1132192 Any frog juice martinis with eyes?

oh Luna the horror, the horror runnnnnnnnnnnn :raritydespair:

1132190 what could possibly go wrong :rainbowwild:

Too homoerotic. Didn't watch. :moustache:

On topic: What happened now?

rip in piece knighty :fluttercry:

Didn't we already establish this on April fools?

if your really making changes can you please:applecry: give us an "Anthro" tab for the categories, I know this would please a LOT of people and win you a ton of fans:scootangel:


Rest in peace in piece? :rainbowhuh:

Now, what's going on? Has Knighty left the "building", or something? I is confuzzled..................:applejackconfused::applejackconfused::applejackconfused:

On another note, y'all do know that it's now June 8th, not April 1st, right?:ajbemused::rainbowwild::applejackunsure:

1132651I absolutely agree with this request! An "Anthro" tab (tag?) would be very nice!:ajsmug::twilightsmile::ajsmug:


How many times has this happened?

now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

*blows away smoke from pistol barrel* :pinkiecrazy:

1132268 It's all ogre.

1132268 the images are fake due to the fact that twilight doesn't have wings at this time.... It takes place before EP 13 of session 3.... So yes fail.....

1132268 oh and half of these look like crapy photoshop.... Real bad...

1135808 Check the trailer again.

1135816 They were taken at a dark movie theater.

1136333yea I'm watching the trailer... When she goes in the mirror... No wings....

1136333sorry I was watching the first trailer....

1137062>>1137066 And did you check the second one?

1137932not yet but I'm awaiting a second reply for Hasbro so they can answer me again or not... They do answer just takes a while :/

1139802i mean if you send an email to Hasbro they will answer... Part of the answering and questions thing.... You can also call them up but they hold off days sometimes xD

1141326 Aren't they a little busy to be answering phone calls?

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