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Just... just look at this. This is who we choose to represent ourselves as... · 4:24am Apr 7th, 2013

I hate to bring up shit like this... but seriously...

I've gotten so much more tame... God I know... but this...
brb crying

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987095 Missed you too, my love. :ajsmug:

I know...It's fucking disgusting. I mean, I can understand clop, I'm into that shit, but, underage incest? Hrm...

At least Skirts writes well...

And the funny thing is that whenever someone tried to make a group agianst it, the devs rushed in and tried to shut it down.
Seriously, if they had banned Clop. then 8 in 10 feature box stories would fall out. It's discusting really. :twilightangry2:

I'm not saying to ban clop. And the mods didn't want to shut us down we (or rather I) were being absurdly aggressive. It's alright to like it... just I don't want that being our defining trait or blocking other stories that have more time put into them.

988987 Ywah. It's annoying really. that many stories in the feature box. And some of them would have been banned from several countries if they were published (many countries automatically ban secrtin kind of stories).

Well, the only thing we can do is to WRITE

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